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Signal APK (Signal Private Message) is a popular multi-platform, encrypted private messaging platform, developed by Signal Technology Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC and its Contributors, where you can send images, voice mails, videos as well as files.
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Say YES to privacy today with Signal Private Messenger APK!

Signal APK (Signal Private Messenger) is a popular multi-platform, encrypted private messaging platform, developed by Signal Technology Foundation and Signal Messenger LLC and its Contributors, where you can send images, voice mails, videos as well as files. You can send messages, make video calls, and voice calls to one-to-one people as well as in groups. It is an easy messaging application for iPhone, Windows, iPad, Mac, Android, and Linux users. It was initially released 7 years ago on 29th July 2014. However, its stable release was on 2 September 2021, 3 months ago in Androids; on 8 December 2021, 5 days ago in iOS’ and on 9 December 2021; 4 days ago in desktops. The app was designed by An American cryptographer and the current CEO of that widely known, popular messenger app, signal APK, Moxie Marlinspike. 

A brief outline of Signal Private Messenger APK

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The signal is one of the safest and secure message applications because of its end-to-end encrypted message policy. The company tends to maintain your privacy to such an extent that neither the government nor your phone company and not even the company that runs Signal APK can have access to your messages. So if you deal with sensitive information and classified materials this is the most prescribed and suggested option for you! According to records, the downloads of Signal APK were over 105 million with over 40 million active users per month, till January 2021. It has an average of over 50 million downloads on Android devices.  
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9 primary Features of Signal Private Messenger APK: 

End-to-end encryption 

Like WhatsApp, the texts exchanged between you and your friend (s) in Signal Private Messenger APK are end-to-end encrypted and nobody can intrude into your privacy.

Multiple linked devices 

Like other social media such as your phone, laptop, tablet, or other devices. Thus, users can link the app to almost any device like your phone, laptop, tablet, or others. Thus, users can link and get access to the app from almost all devices. 

Dark and light modes 

Signal APK also offers both the modes like WhatsApp – dark mode and light mode. The users can change it whenever and to whatever they wish by going to the settings menu and on appearance and here you go! Your Light or Dark Mode is on!

Read receipts

In this app, you get an option named “read receipt” just like WhatsApp. You can enable or disable this feature whenever you wish to. When enabled, it means the people/friends in your contact list will be able to see whether or not you have checked and read their message. On the contrary, if you choose the disable option, it signifies that they won’t be able to check when and whether you have checked their message or not.

Group video call facility 

Another similarity with WhatsApp, the Signal Private Messenger APK allows you to do group video calls with your friends and close ones on desktop as well as mobile phones. An important fact that needs to be considered is there is no group video call facility individually. However, you can do it by selecting the contacts, creating a group, adding a name to it and from there you can avail the video call option.

Private is the top priority

It is entirely similar to WhatsApp and telegram, it has various security settings, however, Signal Private Messenger APK is ahead of both WhatsApp and telegram. It values privacy over anything. What message Is sent by one to another is only known to the ultimate receiver.

Quick message delivery 

Even in poor/slow network areas, the messages are delivered quickly and this app is highly reliable. 

Self note 

Unlike other platforms where you get an option called “note to self” where you are not required to send messages to somebody else, you can send messages to yourself and the message would be delivered on all your linked devices. Like this, without using extra applications you can keep notes about yourself. 

One time access media 

You can send photos and videos to someone that will disappear after they view it once. In signal, they don’t allow the viewers to take screenshots of your image. However, they might click pictures of it from other phones so you need to be careful while sending pictures. 

Reasons to use the Signal Private Messenger App APK over others

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Signal APK is said safe to use considering various aspects like – It does not collect any of your sensitive, personal data; one of its unique features is, Messages and calls are not only end-to-end encrypted but also cannot be accessed by any third party, not even the company itself, neither the messages nor the recipient’s name, so privacy remains at its peak. In this case, Only the recipient knows who the sender is. This app doesn’t take advertisements. So, there is no issue with your data getting leaked. 

Even with all such security settings, just like other platforms, Signal Private Messenger APK is 100% safe and secure to use. However, the fact that cannot be entirely avoided is that it can be potentially hacked using malware apps. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About the Signal Private Messenger APK:

Some of the commonly asked questions by users regarding signals are listed here:

Q1. Is Signal Private Messenger APK Supported in both Android and iOS?

Ans. : Yes, absolutely, the signal messenger is supported in both Android and iOS and can also be downloaded on PC and Mac. 

Q2. Is Signal Private Messenger APK more reliable than Whatsapp?

Ans.: Signal messenger is definitely more reliable than most social media platforms. To the team of signal, our user’s privacy matters the most.

Q3. Do all devices support the signal app?

Ans. : Just like WhatsApp, the signal app is compatible with all devices. 

The Bottom Line on Signal Private Messenger APK:

So, by now we hope you know all the relevant details about Signal APK that are necessary. In this article, we have said about the app, in brief,  its advantages, its features, and some of the most asked questions about the application. We have also tried to inform the readers about why they should prefer it over other similar apps where you can send messages.

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