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09 April, 2022
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Rovio classics angry birds

Rovio classics angry birds APK: Angry birds’ is a pretty old yet fascinating game that we have been playing since the evolution of smartphones. It used to work amazingly well on those low-memory devices where people loved to shoot the pigs and destroy their castles using angry birds. 

However, it didn’t lose its charm with time. Developers had made sure to keep it up to date with new and hard levels, more types of birds, powerful pigs, etc. The newest version is pretty amazing as well. You will surely love the Rovio classics version if you have ever played angry birds. 

It’s a remake of the original angry birds’ game with a similar concept of shooting multiple types of angry birds to destroy the pig’s empire. However, you can enjoy all eight original Angry Birds episodes from 2012 to over 390 levels in this version. 

It’s an easy game that provides you with enough levels to remain engaged for a longer duration, and surely, it’s one of the best solutions for your love of angry birds. Some of the exciting features that make the game more interesting are. 
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Features of Rovio classics angry birds APK:

1.  Fantastic birds 

Indeed, it’s satisfying to shoot birds and take over the dirty pigs’ empire. The game provides multiple types of birds with different capabilities that help you easily destroy the castle. 

Yellowbird has mastered the speed, and it can be the most dangerous one; some birds will help you drop a-bombs while others come with the capability to become a boomerang and hit twice. All you need is to use your birds correctly, and it becomes easy to play. 

Don’t forget that you only have a limited number of birds, so use them wisely! 

2. Multiple locations

Shooting while sitting in a place with the same background could be boring. Angry birds provide multiple locations and new backgrounds that make the game more interesting. Difficulty increases with each level, which is another bait that keeps you coming back to play Rovio’s classic angry birds. 

3. Best background music and sound

Most games lack this feature, and users usually play games on muted audio. However, angry birds are different, and the weee sound of flying birds is superb. Even other background sounds of falling buildings and shattering glasses are fantastic. 

The developers have given every element a different sound that makes the game more interesting to play. 

4. No ADS 

Yes! That’s probably the best feature a free game can have. You don’t have to watch ads to get an extra life or unlock a premium product. It’s all free and available for everyone. 

Also, it doesn’t annoy the user or disturb your gameplay through pop-up ads. That’s why it’s pretty satisfying to play. 

5. Customise your birds

Don’t like the color of the bird? Then change it! Angry birds provide you with an option to change the costume of the birds using coins. The game provides you with some coins for each level you clear. Later you can use these coins to purchase multiple stuff like skins, costumes, masks, and more. 

6. New birds with new levels

The game doesn’t provide you with all birds on level one; instead, new birds unlock as you play. It’s a hook used by the developers to keep users engaged because when users like you and me see that we will get something new, we are more likely to play the game for long. 

That’s another reason for the popularity of angry birds worldwide! 

7. Enough levels

The biggest problem with the previous version of angry birds was that they didn’t have enough levels. If you find the game interesting and want to play more levels, you must wait for new episode releases. 

This version solves the problem, as Rovio’s classic angry birds provide 390 levels with eight episodes. It’s well equipped to entertain you for longer durations.

These were some of the important features, but angry birds are full of many other interesting features that you will discover while playing. 

Reviews of Rovio classics angry birds APK:

The game got fantastic options, but these features sometimes don’t work, and users complain about many problems. To figure out the user experience of Rovio classics Angry birds, we scanned multiple reviews posted on the Play Store, App Store, and multiple social media websites. Here is a summary! 


  • I love this! This is an amazing recreation of the original Angry Birds.
  • The developers have kept the original sound intact; that’s amazing.
  • Truly a reimagined version of the classic angry bird’s game. The menu is redone to look from 2012, and I love it! 
  • I’m so happy playing this classic game; the one that started it is finally back. 
  • The game works smoothly, and it’s one of the best recreations I have ever seen.


  • Unnecessary hype about this version. The physics don’t work right, and the game is extremely buggy.
  • The terms mention no ads, yet I receive full-screen ads, which is frustrating! 
  • It doesn’t support most Samsung and galaxy devices. 
  • Developers removed some of the best birds.

Pros and cons of Rovio classics angry birds APK:

The game got a fantastic rating of 4.8 stars on the play store, yet we cannot ignore its problems. This quick evaluation of the pros and cons will help you make the right joining decision. 


  • It’s interesting; difficulty increases with levels, and easy to understand and play.
  • The sound quality is awesome. 
  • You will get the feel of playing a classic 2012 angry bird’s game. 
  • It doesn’t have annoying pop-up ads. 


  • Doesn’t work properly on some android devices.
  • Some users reported that they were displayed full-screen ads.
  • It’s possible that you may not find your favorite birds in this version. 
  • It has multiple levels, but most are pretty easy to clear. 

Conclusion on Rovio classics angry birds APK:

This version of Angry birds is the best. It got a few problems, but that is common with every game. We played the game by ourselves and found it interesting. You might have a different opinion after playing, but it’s worth trying for once. 

If you are a fan of angry birds, this game is precisely for you. We would love to hear from you. Please share your experiences in the comments if you have tried the game

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