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Poppy Playtime APK is a super action and adventure puzzle game where you have to explore the toy factory while staying away from the frenzied animatronics.
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Dec 11, 2023
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Poppy Playtime APK: Everyone likes to play games, whether they are young or children, because playing games is a lot of fun, and those who are fond of games, they are looking for something new every day i.e. new games. Download it from Google Play Store.

However, the time has come when gaming is being given a lot of importance and people want to know about it and want to play, so today I have brought you a review of a very special and best game about which  I hardly know you.

So the name of the game about which we are going to discuss today is Poppy Playtime Apk so stay tuned with us and know what this game is and how it is played.
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What is Poppy Playtime APK?

It’s a super action and adventure puzzle game where you have to explore the toy factory while staying away from the frenzied animatronics.

Inside this game, you can learn about the actual requirements to pass the stages of the game by using the program that provides tips, and with that whoever guesses the results of the Poppy Playtime Apk game correctly, in the end, wins.

This game is full of adventure and challenges as you have to make the right choice keeping in mind a fixed time and innumerable factors, which is a very difficult task.

And based on all the levels in the game Poppy Playtime Apk shows its decision in the end and because of all these many gamers want to play this app because you will enjoy doing such things.

Features of Poppy Playtime Apk

If you know about the features of a game, then understand that you have acquired 50-60% information about that game, then let’s see the best features of Poppy Playtime Apk.


You get a lot of options in the game so that you can represent yourself better than everyone else inside the game.

You also get many adjustable functions in this game which is a much better service.


The best and best feature of this game is the horror gameplay and the most important thing about such games is that they test our courage ie jigra, we feel whether we like to panic or not.

In the above game, you will get to learn many things which will prove to be very helpful in your real life as well.  So if you think that you have overcome your fear, then definitely try using Poppy Playtime Apk once.


When you’re stuck in different places in the game where you’re being chased by monsters and monsters, you can collect tons of things from inside your room that will help you fight those monsters.

So during the game, collect whatever items you have at hand because all of them will help you to stay in the game for a long time.


During the game, where many monsters are lying behind you, you can move around and find a way to get out of your place, but carefully.

Because as soon as you make some movements and there is noise then many monsters will come near you which can threaten your life yes but only in-game.

Because all the monsters and monsters can hear you as well as see you, so you have to keep all these things in mind and see that when all is over, then by using the things you have collected i.e. ammunition, etc.  Can try to eliminate the monster.


In this game, you get to experience many different modes, such as fewer monsters living in some modes, it is easier to survive without any more difficulty than anyone.

You will get to use different features in different meds, which will improve your gaming experience.

How To Download Poppy Playtime Apk?

You have two options to download this adventurous game, first from Google Play Store and second from this site.

If you download it from the play store then you will have to pay around 220 ₹ to download and use this game because it is a paid game for which everyone has to pay first to play.

But on the other hand, if you download from the download link of this site, then without any trouble you can download without paying a single rupee and enjoy the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – What is the Poppy Playtime Apk?

Ans – This is an adventurous and violent puzzle video game, in which you get to learn many new and best things along with playing the game, and along with that experience will also prove to be helpful in your real life.

Q – Who made this game?

Ans – This game has been made by MOB Games Company and launched in the market on 12 October 2021.

Q – Poppy Playtime Apk is available for which devices?

Ans – This game is available for all platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. For all that means gamers can use this game on all these platforms.

The game was first made available for Windows users only on October 12, 2021, but after that it also made its first chapter available for Android and iOS on March 11, 2022.

Q – Is Poppy Playtime Apk free?

Ans – Nope!  To download and use the game, you have to pay money first, only after that you can use it, but if you download from our site then you will not have to pay a single rupee.

Q – Can Kids use Poppy Playtime Apk?

Ans – Although there is no such rule in the game that children can play or not, still according to me, this game should be played by those who are above 9 years old because it is an adventure game which may be not suitable for younger children. 

Q – Should I play this game?

Ans- Yes absolutely!  If you are very fond of new and adventurous games then you should definitely download this game once and enjoy playing it.

Q – What size game is Poppy Playtime?

Ans – The size of this game is 548 MB because in the game you get to see and use very good graphics and features and anyway 548 MB is less to play such games.

What's new

Poppy Playtime Chapter1 version 1.0.8


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