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Fnaf 34 APK game is a famous horror game created by Steel wood studio developer for many devices such as PlayStation, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Moreover, this Fnaf 34 game is best known for its strategy gameplay, animated effects, horror sound effects, animatronics, and many more things that make it different from other games. 
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If you are brave enough to play a horror game or are searching for a horror game, then you have come to the right place as we will share a fantastic game, i.e. Fnaf 34 APK, which is full of horror action-packed games.

As we know, there are lots of horror games available in the market, but out of all, the Fnaf 34 APK is the best choice for you because of its graphics, gameplay, gaming modes, characters, and many more. Moreover, these things make it more enjoyable and thrilling to play on your mobile device. 

Fnaf 34 APK game comes with many challenging missions that they have to complete. Most importantly, this game is not suitable for kids due to its horror scenes, horror sound effects, and graphics which give a realistic feeling. We have covered everything about this Fnaf 34 game, its features, installation process, gameplay, and many more. Download for Android and IOS.

About Fnaf 34 APK game

Fnaf 34 APK game is a famous horror game created by Steel wood studio developer for many devices such as PlayStation, Xbox, Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS devices. Moreover, this Fnaf 34 game is best known for its strategy gameplay, animated effects, horror sound effects, animatronics, and many more things that make it different from other games. 

No doubt, this Fnaf 34 game provides an outstanding gaming experience with its excellent gaming modes and various features m. Most importantly, you will have to control a character called Gregory, who is trapped in the mall. You will have to find a way so that you can escape from that horrible place. In your way, you will face many challenges which you have to overcome by performing different activities. 
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Additional Information

Game Name Fnaf 34 game
Apk size184MB
Developed by Steel wood studio
Game version v15.0.0
GenreSurvival Horror
Published byScott game
Released onDec 16, 2021
Operating System Android/iOS
OS Requirements Android 4.4 and more
Rating 4.6/5.0

Some key features of playing Fnaf 34 APK game

The Fnaf 34 game comes with lots of fabulous features that make it more enjoyable and exciting to play on your mobile device. Some of the significant unique features of this game are mentioned below. 

New challenges:

In this Fnaf 34 APK game, you have to solve various puzzles and new challenges to escape from the mall. Moreover, to dodge animatronics, you need specific power and creativity to defeat them. 

Awesome Horror Game:

Moreover, its horror scenes and many challenges make this Fnaf 34 APK game more enjoyable and thrilling to play. It will be the best choice for gamers who want to experience dramatic and horrific feelings while playing a horror game. 

Popular Characters:

Most importantly, while escaping from the mall, you will face many characters like Vanessa, Freddy, Roxanne Wolf, Gregory, Gator, Chica, Vanny, and many more. Also, Freddy characters help you survive in the game and give instructions to defeat a particular character. 

Use camera and sensors:

In this horror game, you can use a camera and sensors to detect the animatronics in the game and easily find a way to escape from the mall. 

Animated Graphics:

The Fnaf game comes with high-resolution animated graphics that give you a realistic look. Moreover, the 3-D animated surroundings make this game more enjoyable to play and give you the ultimate gaming experience.

Ad-free platforms:

It has ad blockers that block the game’s paid advertisement. Moreover, it provides an ad-free experience and gives users a non-distraction gaming experience. 

Many animatronics:

This Fnaf 34 game comes with many animatronics, making it more challenging to play. It includes Freddy, a friendly animatronic, whereas Bonnie, Foxy the pirate, Chica, and many more are enemies. 

Surprising sound effects:

No doubt, the FNAF 34 game comes with surprise and fantastic sound effects, making it more enjoyable to play. Moreover, you will feel scared after listening to the horrible sound of this game that takes the gaming experience to an ultimate level.

Simple controls:

Also, the Fnaf game comes with smooth and easy controls that make it easier for gamers to operate the game. You can enjoy the game as much without any hassle or problem. 

Take help from Freddy Fazbear’s:

This FNAF 34 APK game allows you to take help from Freddy to survive in the game. Moreover, it is the only friendly animatronics in the game that helps the character escape from the mall. Moreover, he has given me a watch that helps you talk with him when we face problems in the Fnaf 34 game. 

Fnaf 34 APK Gameplay

As you know, Fnaf 34 APK is a strategy-based and immersive horror game that comes with lots of puzzles for gamers to complete. In this Fnaf game, you will play Gregory, who is stuck in the mall and is characterized by animatronics. Therefore, you have to follow the instructions given by Freddy to survive in the game. Most importantly, your primary role in the game is to face animatronics and dodge them. 

You will face many challenges in the game, which you have to dodge by following the instructions like door locking procedures, shutting off lights, and maintaining silence. Moreover, the Fnaf 34 game allows you to rotate the map, making it easier for you to face animatronics and defeat them. 

What is the safety of the FNAF 34 game?

The FNAF 34 game is safe to play because of its security feature, which is best for any other game. Also, you may use antivirus apps like AOL Active Virus Shield, AVG, Clam AntiVirus, and many more. Most importantly, this game comes with its antivirus feature, which gives a secured platform to its users. Also, we check them from this software, then filter the safe apps. As a result, it is safe and secure to download and play this Fnaf 34 game. 

FNAF 34 APK mobile game: Pros and Cons?


  • Easy to play because of its simple gameplay.
  • Significant sound effects give a realistic feeling. 
  • Advertisements in the game are not allowed.
  • It comes with a simple and attractive user interface that works smoothly on mobile phones. 
  • Also, It provides more robust security features than other games.
  • It comes with a Visual AR feature
  • Allow the gamers to play with characters.
  • It provides live animations effects inside the game.


  • As we know, it is a third-party application. That’s why a virus may attack your phone.
  • Another problem is that you have to update the Fnaf 34 apk game manually. 
  • Sometimes, it might show errors or crashes due to the old version.

How can I download Fnaf 34 APK on a mobile device?

  • First, click on the download button and get the Fnaf 34 apk file and OBB file. 
  • Once it gets downloaded, click on the apk file of this fnaf 34 game.
  • After clicking, a pop-up window will appear asking for permission from unknown sources.
  • Then, give access to this permission from inside the security setting and wait for a few seconds until this game gets installed.
  • Once it gets installed, copy the Fnaf 34 OBB file to the correct folder inside the file manager.
  • Finally, open this FNAF 34 game and start enjoying the gameplay and horror scenes in the game. 

Final words on Fnaf 34 APK:

After reading the article, we think that all your queries regarding this Fnaf 34 APK game are solved. Moreover, we have mentioned a direct download link to get the latest version of Five Nights at Freddy’s 34 games. No doubt, this game gives you a horrifying gaming experience, but you will love the missions, storyline, and gameplay. s

Overall, this Five Nights at Freddy’s 34 APK game is the very best choice for gamers who want to play horror games. So, we suggest you play and download this Fnaf game on your mobile device and enjoy its animated graphics.

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