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AAStore APK is very good and advanced third-party app store where you get most of the apps that you can install directly on your Android smartphone and connect it to your car.
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Feb 15, 2023
Android 5.0 and Up
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If you are fond of listening to music or watching videos through your Android smartphone in your car but you are not able to watch then there is good news for you that now you will be able to do this through an app and the name of that app is Android Auto Store ( AAStore).

What is AAStore APK?

This is a very good and advanced third-party app store where you get most of the apps that you can install directly on your Android smartphone and connect it to your car.

This is also a store like other app stores, which has been created by Croccio and the main purpose of creating it is to provide people with some very useful apps for their cars.

Because with the system of most of the cars, we cannot connect the Google Play Store and for that we are looking for a third party app which we can install in our Android mobile phone or tablet and link it with the system of the car. Can do

And yes, as I told you, on AAStore you will find only such apps which are related to Automobiles or cars.

Features of AAStore APK:

Since it is an app store, its features will also be like the rest of the app store, but it has many special things and they are.

Great navigation

In AAStore APK, you will get to see their navigation menu very tremendously, from where you will be able to find any app very easily and install it on your device.

Unlimited Downloading

Android Auto Store app gives you much more and unlimited downloading facility than other app stores, using which you can install unlimited Auto apps directly in your phone for free.

Rooted & Non Rooted Devices Supported

Whether your phone is rooted or UnRooted, you will be able to install AAStore APK in it and can directly download and install your favorite apps without any hassle.

Great design

The UI of the app is very simple and easy to use, which you can use very easily and that too with excellent performance.

Under each app in AAStore, there is some description of it, which tells all the things about that particular app.

Best For Auto or Cars

Compared to all the other apps, this third part app is the best, which is focused only on the car and shows you the apps related to it only.

This app can be very special for those who are fond of listening to online songs, watching videos or doing other things through their mobile phone in their car.

These are some features of Android Auto Store i.e. AAStore APK, now let us know what are some of its advantages and disadvantages.

Pros And Cons of AAStore APK:

Although the advantages and disadvantages of any app may be different for everyone, there are some common things and they are.


  • Here you get the facility of unlimited apps downloading.
  • Navigation and user interface are also very good.
  • Supports both Rooted and Unrooted Android devices.


  • First of all, this is a third party app that can cause danger for you if downloaded from the wrong source.
  • Provides only limited categories of apps and that too only for automobiles.

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