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Youtube Pink APK, you’d find many features that you can’t find on another version of Youtube. In excess, you can stream tapes in the backdrop. It gives you a free hand to brightness control.
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Youtube Pink
20 March, 2022
Android 4.4 and Up
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 Everyone knows about Youtube and uses it. But, still, there are some rules that you may face with Youtube. If you want to overcome the restrictions faced by Youtube, we recommend installing Youtube Pink Apk on your widgets. 

With the Youtube Pink APK, you’d find many features that you can’t find on another version of Youtube. In excess, you can stream tapes in the backdrop. It gives you a free hand to brightness control. The best thing is that there is no restriction on the main highlights and features of the app.

Stay tuned to learn more about the Youtube Pink APK. 
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Additional info on Youtube Pink APK:

Name Youtube Pink 
Size 65.63 MB 
Version Latest 
Ratings 4.2 out of 5
Date of update20th March 2022
Android Version 4 and up 

We mentioned some of the main highlights of the app below. 

Highlights of Youtube Pink APK:


It suggests videos of your recommendation only. The videos you will search on Youtube Pink APK will become your recommendation list. 

For instance, if you love to stream science fiction movies, your list of recommendation list videos that have the themes and ideas of fiction and science only. 

Classy theme 

The theme of the Youtube Pink APK app is a bit catchy. You’d see that the entire theme is in the color pink. It does not matter whether you search for the search bar, notification area, watch later, or recommendations. You’d find each module in the Youtube Pink APK in pink shade. 

It is the reason behind naming the app Pink Youtube. You’d see that the apk has a pink-colored theme. The color is girly, and it’s well-loved by females. It is a cool and light shade that doesn’t create many irritations. 

Don’t worry if you like some color except for pink. You’re not bound to stream movies and use the app in a pink theme. You can switch to another color as per your requirement. 

Dark mode

You see that many social media apps are switching to the dark mode which makes it easy to use. As far as the Youtube Pink APK app goes, the same thing holds. You’d switch from the Pink theme of the app to the dark theme whenever you want. 

All you want to do is to enable the dark mode of the app. You can do it from the settings of the Apk as and when needed. 

Background Mode

You can switch to other applications when streaming movies via the Youtube Pink APK app. The video stops when watch you browse other applications using versions of Youtube. 

Thanks to the Youtube Pink APK app, you’d not face the problem again. The video you play keeps streaming in the background. It’s essential to note that you get the same feature from Youtube Blue and Youtube Red too. 

Now you can chat on social media while streaming videos on the Youtube Pink APK app. The video won’t stop again. 

Light and brightness 

If you get bothered by your screen brightness, you don’t have to change the light settings from the notification bar. You can easily set up the brightness of the screen by sliding the screen of the Youtube video. Further, you can adjust brightness as per your choice. 

Play videos on-repeat 

Do you want to tune to videos on-repeat? If you want to play videos irrespective of their genre, you can repeat them. Whether you rewind or forward it, the Apk will play your video on repeat.

No country or age-wise restriction 

In other Youtube versions, you’d suffer from the restriction of the country and age. But, you don’t have to suffer from the restriction anymore with Youtube Pink APK. 

No Ads

This version of Youtube, Youtube Pink APK doesn’t show any ads over videos. Now you can watch videos ads free. Stream videos of any length or duration with no ads.

Double-tap and Youtube go to sleep. 

You don’t have to close the ad or video. Do your Youtube sleep with a double-tap on the screen. You’re free to tap anywhere on the screen of the APK. The Youtube will sleep at a time. 

Replay and watch the video for an unlimited time.

It is another feature of Youtube Pink. The best part is that you can watch the video for an unlimited time. Once you see the video, you can watch it again. The video will replay for the second time. It’s the best feature to use when you listen to a well-liked song or audio. 

Play your Phone and TV using a TV code. 

Indeed, you can watch Youtube on your TV. But, your TV set should be on the same Wi-fi network as your Smartphone. Now you can play your Phone and TV using a TV code. 


It is one of the exceptional features of this version of Youtube. It allows you to set videos to automatic play. Also, It means that once a video finishes, you can watch another video. You don’t need to do anything to move to a video. It is a valuable feature when you play music while driving with one hand.

What’s new to Youtube Pink APK?

  • The app got revamped to run smoothly. 
  • All ads got removed. 
  • The APK got updated to a new version.  
  • You do a lot of things when watching any Youtube Videos.
  • Minor bugs got fixed. 

It is worth noting that the version of the app is available in Android OS only. iOS is yet to release the same. 

Conclusion of Youtube Pink APK:

Indeed, you’d like to play songs of the videos in the background of the apps. This feature went missing in other versions of Youtube Pink APK. There is no denying that it’s the most sought-after feature of the app. 

In addition to other features, there are many other features of the app that you can enjoy here. For instance, you can change the brightness settings through the sliding of the screen. Just give a try to this Apk and you’d end up like it. 
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