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YouTube 18.08.37 APK is the most recent version of the YouTube app for Android devices. On August 10, 2018, it became downloadable through the Google Play Store.
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The popular video-sharing website YouTube is used by billions of users worldwide.It now provides education, entertainment, and information for all ages. The user interface and features of the app are frequently updated. One such update is version 18.08.37. This guide covers the latest YouTube, its features, and how to download and install it.

On YouTube, a free online video-sharing service, users may publish, share, and view videos. A key resource for video marketing, entertainment, and education, it is a Google property. Android, iOS, and Windows support this app. The often-updated YouTube 18.27.33 APK is the version of this app with the most recent feature update.

What is YouTube 18.27.33 APK?

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YouTube 18.27.33 APK is the most recent version of the app for Android devices. On August 10, 2018, it became downloadable through the Google Play Store. The APK file requires Android 4.2 or later and is 35.4 MB in size. This version contains many new features that make it easier to use.

Features of YouTube 18.27.33 APK:

The YouTube 18.27.33 APK differs from older versions in a number of ways. These include:

Picture-in-picture mode

With this feature, viewers can view a video in a small window while looking at other media or using other programs. It helps multitask on Android 8.0+ devices.

Video autoplay

Subscription list

This method launches the following video in the queue as soon as the currently playing one ends. It can be activated or disabled in the options.

Updated search criteria

Adjusted search filters make it easier to find material. Users can restrict search results by relevance, upload date, view count, and other factors.

Improved video playback

The YouTube 18.08.37 APK includes improved video playing to ensure that videos load more quickly and play uninterrupted. The app now supports playing at 60 frames per second on supported devices, which enhances the viewing experience.

Television network ties

By becoming a member, users can use this option to support their favorite channels. Emojis and badges are only a couple of the special features and advantages available to members.

Features of YouTube 18.27.33 APK:

Using the YouTube 18.27.33 APK has a number of benefits, including:

An enhanced user experience

Youtube Shorts YouTube 18.08.37

The new features added to YouTube 18.08.37 APK make it easier to use and enhance the overall user experience.

Quicker video playback

The improved video playback ensures that videos load faster and play without any interruptions, enhancing the viewing experience.

Access to just current materials

Viewers may support the stations they adore by signing up as members, giving them access to exclusive features and advantages.

How to download YouTube 18.27.33 APK for Android?

Steps to download and install YouTube 18.27.33 APK on Android:

  • Open Google Play on Android.
  • Search for “YouTube” and select it.
  • Click “Version History” under “Additional Information”.
  • When you locate the “18.27.33” version, select it.
  • Scroll down and click “Download APK”.
  • There will be a warning stating that installing apps from unknown sources could harm your smartphone. To continue, click “OK”.
  • The APK file will be downloaded to your smartphone. Click the notification to access the file after downloading.
  • Start the installation by clicking “Install”.
  • Start YouTube by clicking “Open” after installation.

Typical issues and solutions

There are a few common problems that users of the YouTube 18.08.37 APK could encounter:

A non-functional app


If the app is crashing or not responding, try clearing its cache and data. “Settings” > “Apps” > “YouTube” > “Storage” > “Clear cache” and “Clear data” will do this.

Issues with the playback of videos

You can try clearing the app’s cache and data or reinstalling it if you’re experiencing difficulties playing videos. You could also try using a different network or clearing your device’s cache as alternatives.

Failure to log in

Update your password or erase the app’s cache and data if you can’t sign in. After deleting it or updating the program to the most recent version, you can try installing it once more.


What is the APK file?

An APK file is the name of the package file format that Android uses to distribute and install mobile apps.

Is it safe to install an APK file?

Installing APK files from reputable sources is typically secure. However, installing software from shady websites could harm your smartphone.

What version of the YouTube app am I using?

“Settings” > “Apps” > “YouTube” > “Version” displays your app version.

Can I revert to an earlier version of the YouTube app?

You can return to an earlier version of the app by removing the current version and installing the older one.

Is a Google account required to use the YouTube app?

All YouTube app features require a Google account.

Final Words:

YouTube 18.27.33 APK is the most recent version of the YouTube app for Android devices. New features improve usability. Users may get the app from the Google Play Store, where they can gain access to faster video playback, improved search filters, and channel memberships. However, users may encounter common issues like sluggish apps, video playback issues, and sign-in difficulties. Deleting the app’s cache and data or reinstalling it fixes these difficulties.

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