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WorldBox APK for Android and iOS offers a variety of different game modes, which can be played either alone or with friends.
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Jan 21, 2023
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WorldBox APK is a Sandbox God Simulator where you can create life and watch it evolve. It is a unique game that offers a lot of replay value and is very addicting. There are many different ways to play the game and you can experiment with different strategies to find the best way to play. The game is also very challenging and you will need to use your brain power to figure out the best way to beat the levels.

If you are looking for a game that is both fun and challenging, then WorldBox is the perfect game for you. There is so much to do in this game and you can spend hours playing it. You can also share your creations with other players and see how they have developed their own version of the game. WorldBox is a great game for all ages and is definitely worth checking out.

What is WorldBox APK?

WorldBox APK Create Worlds

WorldBox APK is a Sandbox God Simulator developed by Maxim Vasilchuk. It was released on December 21, 2016, for Android and iOS devices. The player takes on the role of a god, who must help their people survive and thrive in a hostile world. WorldBox features a unique blend of sandbox god simulation and real-time strategy gameplay.

The player begins each game by creating their own world, which can be customized to their liking. They can then populate their world with various different creatures, who will need to be provided for in order to survive. It is up to the player to ensure that their creatures have food and shelter and that they are able to defend themselves from the many dangers that lurk in the world.

WorldBox offers a variety of different game modes, which can be played either alone or with friends. In the sandbox mode, players are free to experiment with the game’s mechanics and create whatever they can imagine. The survival mode tasks players with keeping their people alive for as long as possible, while the arena mode pits players against each other in a battle to the death. No matter what mode you choose to play, WorldBox is sure to provide hours of entertainment.

Features of WorldBox APK:

WorldBox APK is a divine simulator that allows you to create and experiment with life on earth. You can play around with different natural disasters, create or destroy entire civilizations, and even control the weather! WorldBox provides endless possibilities for creativity and experimentation, making it the perfect game for sandbox fans.

One of the great things about WorldBox is that it’s easy to get started. The game comes with a tutorial that will teach you the basics of how to play. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can start experimenting with all of the different features the game has to offer. There’s no need to worry about losing progress either – you can save your game at any time and pick up where you left off.

1. Godlike Powers:

With WorldBox, you have the power to create or destroy entire worlds with a few simple taps. Become a god and shape the universe to your liking!

2. Real-Time Simulations:

All of the simulations in WorldBox are carried out in real-time, meaning you can see the consequences of your actions unfold before your very eyes.

3. Infinite Customization:

There are no limits to what you can do in WorldBox. Create unique environments and scenarios by tweaking various settings and options to your heart’s content.

4. Online Sharing:

Show off your creations to the world by sharing them online with other WorldBox players. See how others have used the app to create their own unique universes!

5. Sandbox Mode:

In sandbox mode, you are free to experiment without consequence. Try out different godly powers and abilities without having to worry about the well-being of your virtual subjects.

6. Challenge Mode:

Test your godly skills in challenge mode by completing various objectives. Can you create a thriving civilization despite harsh conditions?

7. Detailed Graphics:

WorldBox features beautifully detailed graphics that bring its worlds to life. Watch as your creations take shape before your very eyes!

8. Relaxing Gameplay:

The gameplay in WorldBox is designed to be relaxing and stress-free. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy some time in your own personal universe.

9. Free to Play:

WorldBox is free to play, with no ads or in-app purchases. All of the app’s features are available for everyone to enjoy!

10. Regular Updates:

The WorldBox team is constantly working on new content and features to improve your experience. Check back often for the latest updates!

Pros and Cons of WorldBox APK:

WorldBox: Fill yours worlds with life

It’s a unique game that offers a lot of creative potentials, but it also has some drawbacks. Here are five pros and cons of WorldBox:


You Can Create Almost Anything

One of the best things about WorldBox is that you can pretty much create anything you want. Whether you want to build a huge city or create a detailed landscape, the sky’s the limit. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination.

There’s A Lot of Community Support

If you ever get stuck or need help with anything, there’s a good chance you’ll be able to find the answer from the community. There are many active users who are always willing to help out and offer advice.

You Can Play Offline

If you don’t have an internet connection, you can still play WorldBox offline. This is a great feature if you want to play the game without having to worry about lag or other internet issues.


The User Interface Can Be Confusing

While the user interface isn’t necessarily bad, it can be confusing for newcomers. There are a lot of menus and options, which can be overwhelming. It can take some time to get used to the interface and learn how to navigate it effectively.

The Game Can Be glitchy

Like any game, WorldBox can be glitchy at times. This isn’t surprising given the size and complexity of the game, but it can be frustrating when things don’t work as they should.

The Game Is Pay-To-Win

While WorldBox doesn’t require you to spend any money to progress, it is a pay-to-win game. If you want to be the best, you’ll need to shell out some cash for in-game purchases. This can be frustrating for players who don’t want to spend money on a game.

Overall, WorldBox is a unique and interesting sandbox god simulator with a lot of potentials. It has its fair share of pros and cons, but the pros outweigh the cons.

Alternatives of WorldBox APK:

There are many alternatives to WorldBox that offer different gameplay experiences. Here are some of the most popular ones:

1. The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a popular alternative to WorldBox that offers similar god-simulation gameplay. In The Sandbox, you can control the elements and create your own little world. There are also many different game modes to play, including a campaign mode and an endless mode.

2. Godus

Godus is another god-simulation game that offers similar gameplay to WorldBox. In Godus, you can control the environment and the people in it. You can also choose to be benevolent or malevolent in your actions. There is also a multiplayer mode in which you can compete against other players.

3. From Dust

From Dust is another god-simulation game that offers similar gameplay to WorldBox. In From Dust, you take control of the elements and use them to shape the world around you. You can also choose to be benevolent or malevolent in your actions. There is also a multiplayer mode in which you can compete against other players.

4. Reus

Reus is another god-simulation game that offers similar gameplay to WorldBox. In Reus, you control different aspects of the world, including the weather, the terrain, and the wildlife. You can also choose to be benevolent or malevolent in your actions. There is also a multiplayer mode in which you can compete against other players.

5. Godville

Godville is another god-simulation game that offers similar gameplay to WorldBox. In Godville, you take on the role of a god and must help your followers achieve their goals. You can also choose to be benevolent or malevolent in your actions. There is also a multiplayer mode in which you can compete against other players.

These are just a few of the many alternatives to WorldBox that are available. If you’re looking for a different god-simulation game to play, these are all great options.


Q: What is WorldBox?

WorldBox is a sandbox god simulator for Android where players can create and manipulate virtual worlds. The game features a variety of options for player customization, including the ability to create unique landscapes, climates, and ecosystems.

Q: How do I play WorldBox?

Players can interact with their world in a variety of ways, including through the use of natural disasters, by controlling the environment, or by directly manipulating the inhabitants of their world.

Q: What are the requirements for playing WorldBox?

WorldBox requires an Android device running version 4.1 or higher. The game also requires a persistent internet connection for downloading updates and for accessing online features.

Q: How much does WorldBox cost?

WorldBox is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases available for players who wish to support the development of the game.

Q: What languages does WorldBox support?

WorldBox currently supports English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese. Additional languages may be added in future updates.

Q: I found a bug in WorldBox. How can I report it?

Bugs can be reported through the in-game support system or by contacting the developers directly at [email protected].

Q: I have a question that isn’t answered here. Who can I contact?

For additional support, players can contact the developers directly at [email protected].

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Additional info on WorldBox APK:

Size49.62 MB
Ratings4.6 out of 5
Date of updateJan 21, 2023
Android Version5.0 and up


We have covered almost all the WorldBox APK parts that anyone needs to know. You can download this excellent app on your Android or Windows device. So, what are you waiting for, go and download this app from our website now. If you still think that anything is left or have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can comment below or directly contact us by visiting the contact us page. 

The developers of this app launched it on 21/06/2022, and it was developed by Maxim Karpenko. The app is rated 4.6 out of 5 on Google Play Store, and It is rated 4.6 out of 5 on our website. If you’d like to confirm, you can check the rating. This app has been downloaded 10M+ times from Google Play Store, and it is still counting on our website. If you wish, you can download this app directly from the Google Play Store or the app’s official website.

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