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VipTools: To some people, video sharing is a full-time job. A lot of social media influencers get high-paying jobs from apps such as Tik-Tok. But how do they do this? Is it just posting regularly then being patient about it?

Well, the modern world has modern solutions. Some applications boost the video-sharing experience. You would be surprised to learn that these social media celebrities make good use of such apps. One of the apps is the VipTools app.

What is the Vip tools app?

Viptools app is an android app developed by It is compatible with phones that have android 4.1 and above. The size of the app is 9.25MB. Further, it has existed for about two to three years. It offers its services for the TikTok app.

The app enhances the user experience on TikTok. The user who uses the viptools app can get auto features like Unlimited likes, unlimited followers, TikTok auto hearts, and even auto comments.

Eventually, the user will have an increased interaction on his/her page when he/she makes good use of the viptools app. It may turn out advantageous to the user. (Increased engagements means there is a potential of having more brand influencing jobs)

Generally, it is a third party that improves the performance of the TikTok user content. Theoretically, you cannot create content in the app. All you can do is provide the content on TikTok, then download the app to help boost its engagement.

Individuals with many followers may also use it when they want to maintain a good track record of their content.

Features of Viptools

Any app is as unique as its features. In this case, the viptools app has three main feature. They are:


The internet is prone to so many cybercriminals. Cybercriminals have been renowned for hacking apps. After this, they may obtain the users’ information and may use it maliciously.

However, in this case, any user is not required to put in his/her logins. The app generally asks about the URL of the user’s TikTok account. Once you fill in, you are directed to the display page. From here, you can fill in your social media wants( either more likes, Views etc)

In other words, your information is very safe.The safety of the user’s account and privacy is a priority for the app.


A free app in the modern world is very rare to find. Almost every app has a money generation model. How else will they get an ROI? Moreover, to access the app premium features, the user will have to pay for the service(The subscription payment model). Well, not Viptools! The app features are purely free regardless of your nationality.

Super Fast:

Commonly, some apps take some time to respond to an action. There are several reasons for such instances. For example, the phone memory may be full. The particular app is not up to date etc.

However, the viptools app has a high performance. In short, the app responds very fast to any action taken by the user.

By being super fast, the app eases the experience of the user. It is also one of its best features.

How to download and install the VIPtools

The app can only be downloaded on Android phones. To do that follow these steps:

  • Go to your google( or any other search browser) and search for the Viptools app.
  • Click on the application that is brought about by the search results
  • You will be directed to your phone’s play store.
  • Finally, Click on the install button right below the application.

Another way to download the application is by :

  • Open your phone play store.
  • Search Viptools app.
  • Click on the first result that comes by after the search. Tap on it right away.
  • Finally, Install the app.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Why is the App Not Downloading?

The main reason why an application is not downloading is the phone space. Try to free up your space by deleting unnecessary items(apps/pictures/videos) on your phone. Then try to download it once again.
If it is still not downloading, check your android version. (Remember, the app is compatible with Android 4.1 and above.)

Should I only use it for TikTok?

The application is designed to help boost your video-sharing skills. Specifically, for the TikTok application. However, you can use it still on other social media platforms like Instagram. However, it is not as effective as using it on TikTok.

Will, I get unlimited likes?

Yes, you will. All you need to do is to download the app. Then put in your username. After that, send in the likes that you want to have. Repeat the process and get unlimited likes.

Are you sure this is free?

Yes, I am. The app delivers free functions for all to use.
· What other benefits are free?
Well, for a TikTok user, you will get access to hearts, comments, likes, and even followers, as mentioned above.

Is it Important to use this app?

To a user who wants to increase the engagement of the account, yes, it is!

What if I am having trouble using it?

If you are experiencing some setbacks, make sure to seek help. Tap on the contact button in the app settings for assistance.

What If I do not want to use it?

If you are not satisfied with the app’s functions, you can uninstall it.
You may as well, leave a review about the application to notify the developers. This way, your complaint will be used to perfect the app.
To uninstall it, you need to phone settings. Go to apps. Tap in the Viptools app section and then uninstall it.
(If you want to install it once again, follow the steps mentioned above)

Conclusion of VipTools:

The app is designed to make your account development shorter. One is reminded to also focus on putting up content regularly for the development of the account, aside from using the app.

If the app satisfies your demands, make sure you spread the word! Also, check and Download IGHoot APK.

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