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Skytube APK is an entertainment app. It is having high-quality audio and video including all entertainment services like comedy, music, movies, and news.
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25 March, 2022
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Skytube APK Introduction:

Today I would like to discuss a useful app i.e., Skytube APK is an entertainment app. It is having high-quality audio and video including all entertainment services like comedy, music, movies, and news.

Features of Skytube APK:

Firstly I would like to discuss the features of Skytube as there are different features like video blocker, innovation design, no ads, and google apps free.

Video Blocker:

unwanted videos can be easily blocked if the videos are unnecessary and people dislikes then they can block them.

Innovative Designs:

It requires an extraordinary feature one can easily reload the videos, and rate the videos after watching the quality of videos.

No ads:

As people watch the app on youtube that cannot be seen in this app.

Google apps free:

Skytube is not dependent on other apps like youtube it’s an independent app.

How Skytube APK works:

We can use this app fastly and easily look for the content whatever we want to search only by typing keywords or titles. This app also supports external media players you can watch, read content on full screen and also download it for further use. when you install this app will ask for some permission and policy so grant all As per the requirement of this app as they are necessary for this app.


Skytube APK is a social app that is downloaded by SKYRAS Private has various content starting from movies to yoga one can easily get information whatever we want to get: There are some pros and cons of this app Firstly we discuss the advantages of sky tube APK:

  • The Skytube APK includes a wide range of topics about business, health, entertainment, fitness, study, and many more
  • Skytube APK has all the latest videos and one can conveniently upload the newest videos on this app. As such you are assured about quality and quantity.
  • It has all trending updates that what is going on in this world whether it is about fashion or politics list of all popular videos on this app.
  • it has an impressive collection of songs from various genres including hip hop, Rand B jazz, and gospel.
  • In this app, there is a variety of dances whether it is traditional or modern dance it includes a variety of dances like hip hop, salsa, jazz, and more.
  • comedy is one of the most popular on Skytube APK. It includes a wide range of comedy and funny videos
  • In this app, you will find all channels and content created by people like vlogs, challenges, and other exciting videos.

There are some drawbacks of sky tube APK that are under:

  • You cannot subscribe to the channel from Menu and need to tap on the channel to display it and subscribe option.
  • Videos play directly once you have selected one in the app. The navigational controls are hidden by default but appear when you interact with the screen.
  • This app supports the gestures that you may use to display comments or change the volume or brightness. These gestures can be disabled in the preferences.
  • The video player supports the usual options such as seeking, using the position slider to jump to a position, changing playback videos, setting videos to repeat. An option to change the video quality appears to be missing.

Conclusion (Skytube APK):

Skytube APK is a well-designed third-party app for android. It blocks ads and doesn’t depend on google apps. This app is open-source and supports video downloading, subscriptions, channel, and video blocking. The only thing that is missing is the ability to change the playback quality.

What's new

Changes in 2.980

* Update NewPipeExtractor to fix recent
Youtube changes - by Chris Bellew
* Fix a couple of crashes
* Dependency updates
* Updated translations for:
* Catalan - by DFC
* Croatian - by Milo Ivir
* Finnish - by Ricky Tigg
* French - by J. Lavoie
* German - by J. Lavoie and Sascha
* Japan - by Takaki lekura
* Portugal - by ssantos
* Spanish - by Julio Montero
* Simplified Chinese - by Eric
* Tamil - by Pugal Krishnan
* Turkish - by Oguz Ersen
* Ukrainian - by Ihor Hordiichuk
* Vietnamese - by bruh

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