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Prank Dial APK is an application that will help you to make prank calls from your android phone. This Application has many features like it's an audio recorder and can be used for speech recognition and text-to-speech conversion, transcribing any sound into written text, speaking aloud what you have typed, sending DTMF tones over telephones, and recording telephone conversations.
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07 March, 2022
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Prank Dial APK is the latest version of the prank dial app. Now with more features and better options to prank your friends. If you are looking to prank your friends on any occasion such as birthdays, exams, or any other event. Then Prank Dial APK can be very useful in this regard. The app has been designed by professional developers. It allows you to prank your friends without making them realize that it’s just a joke. It is the best prank app available on Google Play Store at present. There are many reasons why you should download it right away. You can also download this app for IOS Device.
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What is the Prank Dial APK?

Prank Dial APK is an application that will help you to make prank calls from your android phone. This Application has many features like it’s an audio recorder and can be used for speech recognition and text-to-speech conversion, transcribing any sound into written text, speaking aloud what you have typed, sending DTMF tones over telephones, and recording telephone conversations. Prank dial apk provides us with two call modes: Call recording mode and Call prank mode where the user can control how many times he wants to hang up while making prank calls. It also allows users to record their own voice with mic support.

Prank Dial app is easy to use and understand. Its interactive, user-friendly interface provides enough space for users to type their messages with ease. Users can easily choose the voice they want to hear while prank calling by simply typing it in Prank dial APK. This application contains many advanced features and has some new additions like it can send texts on behalf of a user who is busy and not able to type text manually due to any reason. There are many private stickers packs for you who loves cute things, horrible things, unicorns, etc., which will give a funny look as if all these stickers are coming from your own phone number.

How does this Prank Dial APK work?

You can do lots of pranks with prank dial APK. You will not be charged for all your prank calls. Also, You can use a fake call to get out of awkward situations, or you could prank someone who’s being a jerk. Lots of people use pranking as a form of revenge against others. These are just some ways you can use the prank dial app for free. There is so much fun that comes from making prank calls. Just imagine how angry someone gets when they answer their phone and there’s no one on the other end! 

With pranking, you can also play jokes on friends and family members for no reason at all! Prank calling has become a common way to pass time among teenagers in particular. As long as it’s in good fun then you shouldn’t let any adults find out about it because they might think that it’s disrespectful. But really it’s nothing too serious—you should enjoy it while you’re young before real life hits and takes over! You shouldn’t always take yourself too seriously; trying new things like this keeps life interesting!

Is Prank Dial APK safe to use?

Prank Dial APK

Ans. Yes, if you use it with care and for your entertainment purposes only. You may have heard the news about a string of unfortunate events that befell people who prank called 911 because they misused it or used it inappropriately. Although you cannot do much about these instances, as we already know how dangerous prank calling can be if abused, taking proper precautions is important to avoid getting into trouble yourself. Since PrankDial has gained a lot of popularity these days, what’s not to love when you are able to play hilarious tricks on your friends? But remember: If in doubt — don’t dial!

Where can I download this App?

The prank dial APK can be downloaded from the google play store. You need to install it on your phone or tablet to use it. Currently, only android devices are supported but I’m sure there will be an app available for other platforms soon enough. You don’t need a rooted device or anything like that but you will have to allow third-party apps in order for it to work correctly. This should be done through your system settings on your device and allows app downloads from sources other than the google play store too. Once you download and launch it, you’ll see a small tutorial that covers most of what you need to know about using it, after which all buttons are accessible for instant use!

Are there any bugs in Prank Dial APK?

The app is called prank dial, but it’s actually a very well-made video calling app. The only bug we found was that when you enter your own cell phone number, it doesn’t show up in the contacts list. This might be a problem for some people who use Google Voice or Skype for their business numbers. If you do have an actual cell phone number, don’t worry: You can still make calls from that number just fine. But if you don’t want to give out your real digits, use Google Voice or Skype for these purposes instead.

Any special features in Prank Dial APK?

Prank Dial APK

As far as calling features to go, you can set yourself as a joke-caller in your contacts so that it’s impossible for anyone to tell who’s behind a prank call. You can also set multiple phone numbers on Prank Dial and make calls on them at different times. Additionally, once you dial a number, your phone will continue to ring while it connects and then disconnects if there’s no answer. This is useful if you want to leave an anonymous message—just don’t say anything inappropriate or offensive! All of these features are available through voice commands but they can also be controlled by tapping numbers onscreen. Prank Dial might be one of those apps that sounds like fun but has a dark side!

The Bottom Line:

The Prank Dial Apk is a fun way to prank your friends with fake calls. The pranks are funny and the interface is easy to use. It’s not a huge app, but it’s more than enough for a great time. If you want to frighten your friends without any actual harm done, then try the Prank Dial Apk. It may not be the best choice for professionals who need something highly specialized or people that dislike having fun, but it works just fine for a good time or two when you want to freak out someone special.
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