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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet APK have been prepared to be one of the most diverse Pokemon worlds of all time which has huge open spaces divided by lakes, numerous tall mountains, and some wastelands. 
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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet APK: After a long waiting period, Nintendo announced their ninth generation of Pokemon Games during their Pokemon Presents presentation, which was held on the 27th of February, 2022. The new games that they are going to launch our Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

They have been set to be released on the 18th of November, 2022. They have included various characteristics such as the Pokemon legendaries, locations, characters, and many more. 

These new games are completely different from the previously launched Pokemon games. These games are open-world, the first time for the Pokemon franchise. 

Although it is a new version of APK, it still has features such as – catching Pokemon, trading, and battling, which are still the same as the other Pokemon games. 

Region of this Open World Game:

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet APK Image

Although the previous versions of the Pokemon games allowed us to run around in various wild areas, like the Pokemon Swords and Sheilds or Pokemon Legends: The Arceus, this ninth generation of the Pokemon Game is a truly open-world game which has taken a step forward to make the game towns of the game blend with the borders of the wilderness. 

We have received a rough idea about the various locales from the trailer, and we cannot wait any longer to glimpse these features ourselves. 

The company has given some leaks about the location of this new game. 

They say that they have based this game on the Paldea region. This region name is the same for both versions – Scarlet and Violet. 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet APK have been prepared to be one of the most diverse Pokemon worlds of all time which has huge open spaces divided by lakes, numerous tall mountains, and some wastelands. 

At the center of Paldea, Mesagoza is the biggest city in the region. This city has two academies which vary according to the version of the game. 

Features of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Apk: 


This new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet APK have quite a few wonderful features that were missing in the game’s previous versions. These features are unique and are not available in the previous versions.

  • It has three-story paths: Victory Road, Path of Legends, and Starfall Street. The first path is quite common for Pokemon trainers. You will also be able to take the Pokemon League at the end of it. The Path of Legends is the one that helps you to gather Herba Mystica. Lastly, they also have Starfall Street, where you can challenge various teams. 
  • Another feature that the company has added to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet APK is that it can be played in four-player multiplayer. This is the first time in the history of the Pokemon game series that you get to play the game with other people. Although it is not exactly known whether the game will be online or local multiplayer. 
  • Next, they have another feature that helps the trainers to return to the Paldea region. It is called the Technical Machine (TMs). The game also allows you to make your own Technical Machine with the help of TM Machine. You can also get one of these machines in every Pokemon center. 

New Moves in the Game:

New Moves

Also, new moves have been added to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet APK, as happens with every new Pokemon generation. They have added four new moves – Shed tail, Tera blast, Armor cannon, and Bitter blade.

  • Shed Tail 

The Shed Tail move allows your Pokemon to create a substitute after sacrificing some of its HP and swap itself with a party pokemon that has been waiting.

  • Tera Blast 

The Tera Blast move allows you to change the Tera Type of the Pokemon after it has been Terastallized. 

  • Armour Cannon 

The Armour Cannon is a special fire-type move used by Armarouge, which blasts out blazing projectiles. 

  • Bitter Blade 

The Bitter Blade move is a physical fire type move used by Ceruledge, which absorbs the life energy of the opponent pokemon and gives it to the user. 

New Abilities 

Besides the brand new moves, the company has added new abilities in the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The new abilities are:

  • Anger Shell 

Till now, this ability has only been learned by Klawf. This ability gets activated when the health of the big rocky crab goes below half. This ability decreases the defense and special defense and increases the attack, special attack, and speed. 

  • Armour Tail 

It is a strong ability that is known by Farigiraf only. This ability prevents the opponent Pokemon from using the moves that they prefer. 

  • Cud Chew 

It is again a new move that Farigiraf has learned. This ability gets activated when you feed a berry to your pokemon, allowing you to get additional use from the berry in the next turn. 

New Items:

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Map

Some new items have been added to the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. 

  • Cover Cloak 

The Pokemon holding this item will become immune to the moves and additional effects of the opponent Pokemon. 

  • Loaded Dice 

It increases the chance of the Pokemon’s multi-hit move hitting the opponent more.

  • Mirror Herb 

This item allows the pokemon to copy all the stat increments of the opponent. 

Characters of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

  • Team Star 

It is the criminal team of Generation IX, which looks more like a rival gang of a school. Team Star is the name of a group of smaller squads that have their bases scattered all across the region. One of the bosses is Mela, the head of the Schedar Squad. 

  • NPCs and Rivals 

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet APKgame has got two new professors of Pokemons. One is Sada, available in Scarlet, and the other is Turo, available in Violet. There is also a very strong rival – Nemona, who will attend the same school as the user. 

  • Gym Leaders 

There are two new gym leaders in the Paldea region – Grusha and Brassius. Grusha is specialized in ice-type pokemon and is the leader of the Glaseado gym. Brassius is a grass-type specialist and is the leader of the Artazon gym. 

New Pokemons:

In this new game, some brand new pokemon have been added. Also, some new features regarding the pokemon have been added. 

  • Full Pokedex

The full Pokedex will not be available in Pokemon Scarlet and  Violet. The users will only be allowed to add specific pocket monsters to the game. 

  • Starter Pokemon

The trainers will have to choose between the three starter Pokemons – Spirigatito (grass type), Fuecoco (fire type), and Quaxly (water type). 

  • New Pokemons 

The starter pokemon are not the only new pokemon we will see. Three more new pokemon can be found roaming around in the wild. 

  • Titan Pokemons 

You will face these pokemon when you play the Path of Legends. This pokemon guard is the Herba Mystica that you will need to collect. 

  • Wigglet

It may resemble the previous mole pokemon, but the company has declared that it is a completely new pokemon. 

  • Legendary Pokemons 

Lastly, this game has two legendary pokemon. They are Koraidon and Miraidon. Both these legendaries have a bike, water, and air form that lets you freely explore the open Paldea region. 


Thus we can say that this game is a mindblower for Pokemon fans. All those who have played the previous generation games were waiting for a new one, and now, Nintendo has brought them a wonderful game they can play on Android and iOS devices. 


Can Scarlet and Violet be played together? 

Yes, the multiplayer version of both Scarlet and Violet allows the co-op functionality. 

Can Pokemons be traded in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? 

Yes, you can trade and battle with trainers all over the world with the help of the Poke Portal feature.

Will Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Apk have a National Dex? 

No, the Full National Dex will not be included in the game. 

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