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Pojavlauncher is an app that can help you give your phone a Minecraft theme. Also, you can play Minecraft on your device with all the latest features.
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07 March, 2022
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What Is PojavLauncher APK And Why We Need It?

Many times you may find your phone’s layout very dull. Just like staying in a house gets boring when you don’t rearrange the furniture or get it painted. In the same way, you can redesign your phone and give it a new look all at once. 

In 2021, the streamers and gamers resurfaced to Minecraft. Minecraft has been one of the most popular games of the millennium since its launch in 2009, but it gained hype the last year. If you are crazy about Minecraft and loved playing it on your personal computer as a teenager, then the Pojavlauncher APK is going to give you absolute joy. 
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What is Pojavlauncher APK?

Pojavlauncher is an app that can help you give your phone a Minecraft theme. Also, you can play Minecraft on your device with all the latest features. Another great advantage is that it can help you customize your home screen and widgets. Customizing your home screen gives you the edge to make adjustments per your comfort. 

The craze of Minecraft is skyrocketing. If you have an older version of Android but wish to play Minecraft on the go. Then PojavLauncher can enable you to install the older versions of the app too. 
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What to expect from the Pojavlauncher App APK? 

The Pojavlauncher is updated from time to time, and hence the bugs are removed after thorough testing. Here are a few features of the Pojavlauncher APK that you can expect.

  • Hiding apps – If you are too concerned about your privacy and do not like anyone else to go through your gallery or apps. Then you can hide the apps for security. Hiding the apps will not delete the particular app. But it will keep it away from the reach of any anonymous invasion. 
  • Smooth working– The previous version of the app was reported to have a few lagging issues. Which have been resolved in the latest versions. You can customize the layouts and themes and play Minecraft without any pause. You get a variety of modes to choose from. Also, the simple design of the dashboard makes it look relatively light. 
  • User-friendly interface: The new version of the app has a user-friendly interface. The pojavlauncher apk has been enabled with the V2 UI. The UI is also developed for the tablet user, which means if you install the app on the tablet, you can get a higher resolution than before, which was a problem earlier. 

More related features:

  • Free to download and use– Most of the launchers ask you for a premium upgrade. But the pojavlauncher apk doesn’t do that. You can install the app without paying the price for it.
  • Multiple languages support: The new version is enabled with a fee of new languages on board, including Latin and Chinese.
  • No third part invasion – There are many apps on the play store which are available for free, but they also have an irritating feature- ads. These ads may pop up in between any operation and disturb your workflow. But with the pojavlauncher, you need not worry about that because the pojavlauncher displays no third-party ads. 

Reviews for Pojavlauncher app APK:

To check the authenticity of the promises made by the application developers, we surveyed many people, and the results were surprising. The Pojavlauncher APK was acclaimed as one of the most recommended applications for Minecraft lovers. 


  1. The UI is great and allows maximum customization, making the user’s task much more accessible.
  2. The team has done a great job in introducing features like new account login notifications, and it shows an error page when it is unable to register any news, which was previously missing.
  3. The pojavlauncher has fancy icons that are pretty appealing to most people. 


  1. The apk looks quite fishy, which may be a trust issue for many newbies. 
  2. The apk takes some time to notify its updates on the play store. 

After asking out hundreds of Pojav users, we concluded that the app is quite good in terms of looks and features, but it needs to work more on the notifications and the designs. 

Pros and Cons of the PojavLauncher APK:

If you are concerned about getting this app and need to reconsider a few key points, then you can skim through the pros and cons of getting a brief overview of the app. 


  1. The app is available on any third-party website, which means if one site fails, you can always switch to the other sites and get access to the apk.
  2. The app is downloaded in the form of an apk, which enables you to keep the archives and cookies even if you had to uninstall the app for some reason.


  1. As we mentioned, the app is available on any third-party site; it can make your task a bit harder to choose a trustworthy site to download.
  2. Downloading and installing the apk from any bugged site may lead to threats like viruses or privacy breaches. 
  3. Some sites claim to have the latest version of the launcher, but only after the download do you get to know that it was an older version labeled as the latest one. 
  4. The pojavlauncher sometimes fails to show any update on the play store, and therefore you’ll need to search it on the web and download it from the official or any third-party site. 

Conclusion on PojavLauncher APK: 

So, here was an article about the Pojavlauncher Apk. I hope it addresses all your concerns related to the app. If you have any queries that we failed to answer, then you can write them in the comments. 

If you are a Minecraft lover and can’t get it out of your head, then this is an ideal app for you. Also, If you have any friend who has the same interest, then consider sharing this article. 
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- Bug fix: physical mouse won't respond in some cases
- Changed the DNS resolver internals

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