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Pixel Car Racer Apk is an exceptional car drag racing game for Android devices developed by Studio Furukawa. This car racing game has a very nostalgic feel for all the 1900s players.
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07 Oct, 2021
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Car racing games are the most favorite game for various gamers. Before the release of some Battleground games like Players Unknown Battlegrounds and Call of Duty, the fame of car racing is the highest. There are so many games that have become very successful and popular for example, Dr. Driving and Earn to Die. So if are one of them who loves playing car racing games, you are at the very right place. In this post, we are going to provide you with information on the Pixel Car Racer Apk. So read this article till the end if you want to know about this application. 

What is the Pixel Car Racer APK?

The Pixel Car Racer Apk is an exceptional car drag racing game for Android devices developed by Studio Furukawa. This car racing game has a very nostalgic feel for all the 1900s players. It has retro-style pixel graphics with a very advanced level of game mechanics. This game has various supercars, paints and you can customize them if you want to win. This game is really very addictive for all car racing game lovers. In this game, you can upgrade your car items or parts, driver and can construct a new garage for all of your supercars. 

The Pixel Car Racer Apk looks like a very old game but it has various advanced gameplay mechanisms that we use in our new car racing games. The controls of this game contain, a speed meter, accelerator, clutch and brake, and more car controls. If you play this game so you may notice that the controls of this game are very similar to Dr. Driving and other new driving games including Asphalt. 

The story and tracks of this game are really wonderful. On top of that, this car racing game has a wide variety of cars and supercars including Aston Martins and Audis. This game has a 3+ content rating that allows any user to play it. This game also has specific difficulty modes that you can change by yourself, if you are a tough gamer so you choose hard, or if you just want to win every match, go for the easy one. 
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Several of the Wonderful Facts about the Pixel Car Racer Apk:

1. Anyone Can Play this Game 

As this game does not contain any violent materials or any strong issues, so anyone on this planet can play this game. Most children suffer because of parental guidance and age marking, however, there is no need to ask anyone just download and start playing with your favorite cars. 

2. Free to Play 

The Pixel Car Racer Apk is one of the free-to-play games. If you are a car racing game lover so just download it for free and start playing. 

3. One More Light-Weighted Game

The size of the Pixel Car Racer Apk is only 65 MBs to download and we all know that this number is way too much small if we consider new games like Asphalt and the smartphone of the new era.

4. No Need for High Android Hardware

This game is very low on consuming CPU and RAM. In short, if you want to play this game on an android device so there is no need for you to have a device with high specifications. Unlike games like the Asphalt, you can play it even on a 2GB RAM phone with any processor. 

5. A Wide Number of Cars

As this is a car racing game, just like the others it also does have a big number of cars. You can unlock them as you progress in your game or by buying them using virtual game money. According to sources, this car racing game has more than 100 cars. 

6. Various Items to Upgrade Your Car

The Pixel Car Racer Apk has various items and cars parts that you can buy through virtual game money and upgrade your car with those parts. Currently, this game has a total number of more than 1k parts. 

7. Impressive Car Controls

The controls of this game are one the most highlighting features for car race game lovers. It has almost all of the controls that a real car should have. For example, an accelerator, speed brake, clutch, speed meter and other small controls. However, it does not contain any steering wheel as it is a 2D game and there is no requirement for that. In any case, the controls of this game are really wonderful. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) on Pixel Car Racer APK:

1. Which version of android my device should contain to play this game?

Ans. This game uses advanced mechanics but it does not mean it requires high system settings. All you need to have is an android phone with at least a 4.0.3 android version. 

2. What are the permissions of the android device it requires?

Ans. There is some permission it requires to run your game, and those are as follows:

1. Access to phone state (Read-Only)

2. Access to write to the internal or external storage

3. Access open network sockets

4. Access to gather networks information 

3. Do the Pixel Car Racer Apk contains any threats or viruses?

Ans. Not at all, this application does not possess any threats or viruses, which means it is completely free and safe use. On top of that, the permission it requires is also standard so you can trust this game. 

The Bottom Line (Pixel Car Racer APK):

So as you have read this article we hope it will help you get an understanding of the most important details about the Pixel Car Racer Apk. This car racing game is great to play. Although it does have pixel graphics that without a doubt do not look very high quality but yes it is awesome. It has addictive features if you try out this game. The gameplay mechanisms are one of the greatest factors of its greatness. So if you are a car racing game lover and want to try something new, go for the Pixel Car Racer Apk. Thanks For Reading. 

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