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Moj App India has its own short video platform with the help of which you can create your short video...
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Nov 24, 2022
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  What is Moj App?

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Moj App Download:-  Moj App India has its own short video platform with the help of which you can create your short video and share it on Moj app. Moj is a platform where your entertainment will continue, there are millions of creators who will make you laugh a lot with their videos.

After the short video of King Tik Tok being shut down in India, share chat launched its own Tik Tok which works just like Tik Tok, it was named Moj when Tik Tok was completely shut down in India. Many companies launched their own short video application, of which Moj is also one.

How to Download Moj App?

moj app download | download moj for free android
moj app download | download moj for free android

You can download moj app from google play store and the apple app store if you want to download it from our website then by clicking here you will reach our site, now you have to search moj here and download that application. moj You are a completely Indian application, which is made in India, you can use it easily, it will not harm your privacy.

How to use Moj App?

It is very easy to use moj app, it looks like 15 seconds of short videos like other video platforms, its ui is made like a tik tok, because the share and the follow button in it are given like a tik tok Hey, so that people can use them to reach a new height, millions of creators are working on moj today. Today, there are millions of likes on their videos. How to use it and what features will you get in it..

When you download and open it, you get an option to choose a language in which you get a total of 15 languages, out of which you can choose your language.
When you select the language, you take it to its homepage, where you see many types of short videos which are only 15 seconds, more than that you cannot upload on moj app, here it is against its rules.
And when you go to the home page, you get videos that you can swipe up and change.

Under the video, you will get a control panel, in which you are able to search for a video and upload any of your videos and you can also create your new video.

With these options you will get some more options like liking videos, sharing videos and following the profile of the video uploader.

Top features of Moj App:

  • The biggest and best thing is that this app is available in 15 languages ​​in English, Hindi, Telugu, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Malayalam, Bengali, Tamil, Kannada, Odia, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Rajasthani, Haryanvi and Urdu etc. language moj It is available in the application because this application is made in India, but different languages ​​are spoken in every region in India, so it supports app 15 languages.
  • This app gives you permission that you can create and upload your own 15 second video.
  • This application has some interesting features such as automatic redening of lips, as well as some special effects that everyone can use creators.
  • Most of the categories of videos on these categories are beauty, dance, lip-sync, singing, tech, jokes, trick, challenge, cooking, comedy, Bollywood and fashion-style etc., which are going viral very fast. Videos of this type of category go viral very fast, as well as they increase your chances of income.

how to make money with Moj App?

You can not earn direct money from moj, you can earn indirected money from this, I mean to say that moj does not give you money by itself, but you can earn a lot of money only with the help of moj application, let’s know how you earn money. Can download moj app.

As you all know that moj is a short video application, for this, you have to sponsorship to earn money from it, which will be your good income.
First of all, you have to download Meesho App.
Click here to download the app

More than that, you have to buy some related stuff of your video from Meesho, whom you will tell about them in your video.
When you buy the goods according to your videos, then you should make a video for that, remember that there should be one video for each product, you can make more than one, but at least one video is necessary.

In the video, you give some details about it, such as how much money is this stuff, you can buy it from where you thought this item was, how can you give your opinion?
When you have a lot of followers, then you can also make a good income from your social media platform, click here for this.


How do I install MOJ app? / how to download moj app?

To install Moj app, you first have to go to the Google Play store and search for Moj, which will increase the button to install Moj there, if you want, you can download the Moj application by visiting our site apksforfree.

How do I download a MOJ app to my computer?

To download Moj app on your computer, first of all, you will need a mobile app operator to download it, and instead, you have to go to google browser and write so that our site will open in front of you now in the search box. You have to write Moj and download it, to which you have to install it, now Moj has been downloaded in your computer.

Is MOJ app free?

Yes moj app is absolutely free, there is an application of sharechat which is absolutely free, no fee is charged by it


So guys today, we told you that moj is finally there? What company is moj? How can you download moj app in your computer and mobile? And how you can earn money from moj app? If you like the post, please share it and someone has your question, please comment us.


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