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MD.emu APK is the best Sega Mega-CD game to try. It’s super easy to play, and it hardly shows latency or audio issues despite running on a small screen or devices with low memory. 
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Robert Broglia
01 April, 2022
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If you are a fan of mega drive/emulator games and want to relive your childhood memories, then MD.emu APK is the best Sega Mega-CD game to try. It’s super easy to play, and it hardly shows latency or audio issues despite running on a small screen or devices with low memory. 

It’s one of those old format games that you used to play on a video games console. MD.emu provides you with the same experience on a mobile phone. Instead of playing with a joystick, you can control the game with controls provided to you on the screen. 
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These emulator games consume a lot of memory, so you can hardly find them to play on a smartphone. However, MD.emu is one of the best examples of how easily a high memory game can run on a smartphone. Developers have taken care of all minute details in giving you the best user experience. Some more benefits include. 

  • The game has minimalist UI and focuses on low audio/video latency.
  • It runs smoothly on a wide variety of phones, including original Xperia Play to modern devices like the Nvidia Shield and Pixel phones
  • The controls are few and very well placed. It keeps your focus on the screen and helps you to score better. 

Features of MD.emu APK:

Many amazing features make the game stand out from the crowd and make it easier to play and run smoothly across devices. Some of the most important features that we love include. 

1. Cheat code support 

These games come with tuff missions that sometimes are difficult to complete without cheat codes. However, it’s not a problem as MD.emu provides a cheat code support where you can apply them using the .pat file format (same as Kega Fusion, Gens, etc.)

It helps the gamers and keeps them engaged for longer durations; also one of our favorite options. 

2. Easy to control 

They provide minimum buttons to control the game, and on top of that, you can customize those buttons to place them where you feel on the entire screen. Most people use their thumb to play, while some have a habit of playing using their fingers. 

This game provides a solution for all and allows you to manage the game easily, ultimately helping in reaching the best score. 

3. Superior graphics without lags

Although the game doesn’t use a lot of modern graphics and solely focuses on providing you with the experience of old-school games, it still provides an amazing color quality with great stability to have the most refreshing moments. 

It gives an enhanced experience that takes you to the past. Developers didn’t change many things to give this game a modern look. They enhance the old features it got. That’s one of the best things to enjoy. 

4. Easy to install and setup

 The description of the games sounds typical, including jargon like an emulator, Sega games, mega drive, but don’t get confused with the terminology. The installation process is similar to other games where you have to download the application and install it on your smartphone. 

You might need to add some files in the specific folder to run smoothly, but that is simple, and anyone with no technical knowledge can do it easily. 

5. In-game features

Indeed, the game is easy to install, looks excellent, and is easy to control and play. It also comes with some fantastic in-game features that will blow your mind. 

  • The app provides a 6-button controller and 4-player multitap support. 
  • The game includes Gun support like the Menacer, Justifier, and more.
  • Includes cheat code support! That helps you easily complete your missions and achieve the target. 

6. Connectivity with external devices

It provides an option to connect with external gamepads to play on a wider screen without video latency or audio disruption. You can enjoy the game in real-time with your friends while being in any part of the world. 

The games use modern technology while keeping the old formats alive. It is an interesting game, especially if you want to relive your childhood memories with your friends at no extra cost.

Reviews of MD.emu APK:

MD.emu provides endless amazing features; however, these features are not perfect and show errors at times. To check the user experience and the problems people face while playing this game, we examined multiple reviews posted on social media websites, play store, comments, etc. Here is a summary. 


  • Controller support is good; it emulates light gun use, it plays Master System games, and it plays Sega Mega-CD games. 
  • Works exactly as you would expect an emulator, from my experience.
  • It has a speed hack which is convenient. All in all, pretty solid with an amazing experience. 
  • FINALLY!! A MegaDrive emulator lets me run all my ROMs on full screen on my TV with a Bluetooth controller. 


  • Unable to load any sega cd game such as terminator or flying squadron. it just sends you to a music player menu.
  • It’s not working and crashes every time after starting. Wasted a lot of time on it with no solution. 
  • The search cheat code option is not there in the app. You have to manually search them and memorize them to use at the right time.

Pros and cons of MD.emu APK:

Let’s quickly evaluate the positive and negative sides of the game to make the installation decision easier for you. 


  • The APK file is free to download, unlike the play store, where you need to purchase.
  • The game has amazing features, including graphics, cheat code support, multitap support, etc. 
  • Installation is easy and allows you to play on multiple screens.


  • Multiple users reported that the app crashes frequently. 
  • At times, you will see a black screen while playing. Leaves you with no other option other than a restart. 
  • No option to search for cheat codes in the app. You have to memorize them.

Conclusion on MD.emu APK:

MD.emu is an amazing app that is easy to install and allows you to relive your childhood memories without investing a huge amount. You can connect it with Bluetooth to play on a wider screen or get an option to play in real-time with friends. 

On the other hand, it has some issues where you might leave with a black screen, or the game may not load. Top of that, you need to remember cheat codes. 

Despite problems, it’s the best emulator game to play and worth trying. 
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What's new

* Fix key mapping issue from 1.5.57 * Add sound buffer size option of 1 frame for fast devices * Add support for Musepack audio tracks

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