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Master Royale Infinity APK is the moded (modified) version of clash royale. The APK comes with many exciting features such as unlimited gold, gems, cards, and many more options that you would never find in the original clash royale game. 
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Master Royale Infinity APK: If you’ve ever played clash royale, then you would know how interesting it is. The game is available for Android and iOS, with over 100 million downloads worldwide.

Well, Master Royale Infinity APK is the moded (modified) version of clash royale. The APK comes with many exciting features such as unlimited gold, gems, cards, and many more options that you would never find in the original clash royale game. 

The APK instantly opens all the options in the game; however, you have to follow basic rules set up by clash royale. 

What is the clash royale game (Master royale infinity APK)?

Supercell developed clash royale. It’s a company famous for creating battle royale games; another famous game of their series includes Clash of Clans. If you have played Clash of Clans, you won’t face any problems in clash royale. They have almost similar features. 

How Master Royale Infinity APK is played?

Master Royale Infinity APK Image

You have to build your defence towers, troops and go to battle. The battle will happen between you and the other clash royale player in real-time, and whoever’s defence towers survive, wins the battle. 

You can even join clans (groups) and go for a group battle. 

The game has different levels, and clash royale is a game of power. The player having a strong army and towers dominates the game. 

Now developing a solid army and towers take time. A user may have to wait for days or several weeks for a single upgrade with increasing levels. You can use the master royale infinity app to prioritize this process, and you will upgrade anything you want instantly. 

What options does Master Royale Infinity APK provide? 

The app is very easy to install and use. It comes with some fantastic features, including 

1. Unlimited gems for free

Gems are pretty hard to acquire in the game because they have the power to complete any upgrade instantly. People pay real money to purchase gems, but you can start your journey with 1 million free gems in this app. 

It is more than enough to purchase all of the game cards and open an unlimited number of chests. 

2. Unlimited gold for free

Like gems, you start your master royale journey with 1 million gold. This will help you unlock more stuff and cards in the game. Even if you spend all of your gold coins, you still have the option to head towards the shop and purchase more gold with unlimited free gems. 

3. Stable APK

Usually, these app comes with a problem of un-stability and lags like anything. However, the latest version of master royale is pretty stable and allows you to use online and offline private servers. 

4. Multiplayer 

The game comes with options to create a group to play with family or friends. It also unlocks multiple gaming modes for free. It makes the game more entertaining and exciting at the same time. 

5. Fast updates and compatible

To update an APK, you usually have to uninstall and reinstall it. It’s not the case with this app, and it allows you to update the game within the app. Also, it is compatible with some of the major platforms like Android and iOS.

You need to change a few settings to run this app on an iOS platform. Check a YouTube tutorial, and you will find step-by-step options to do it quickly. 

6. Easy to install 

You don’t have to be a technical geek, or even it’s not required to change any codes. Just download this apk, install and run it. That’s it!

Reviews of Master Royale Infinity APK:

Master royale app is promoted like the best thing you need that is free from all problems. However, we know that it’s not possible. Every app comes with its issues. To find out the issues people face, we researched some online reviews, and here is a summary of common thoughts. 


  1. I love this app. It works as promised and you get almost everything instantly for free. 
  2. Brilliant and a well-designed game. I love playing it. 
  3. I faced some issues with card placement and stuff, but now everything runs smoothly. 
  4. This is the best game I ever played, and I never faced any issues. 
  5. Highly recommended. The app is pretty easy to install and use. 


  1. I tried to download it on my pc (with an emulator), and it closed every time. I don’t even see the start screen.
  2. After an update, it puts me in the typical clash royale game. Not getting a way to fix this. 
  3. It don’t work in bluestacks five on my windows PC. Looking for a solution. 
  4. It loads to 50% then says that an update is available, but there is no such update.
  5. I’m unable to download this app for my iOS device. 

Pros and cons of Master Royale Infinity APK:

These points are based on the above reviews and our research. It’ll help you to evaluate the worthiness of this app quickly. 


  1. Free to download and use. 
  2. Available to download for Android and iOS.
  3. You can use it on your PC via bluestacks. 
  4. Looks safe with hardly any negative reviews about safety. 
  5. Easy to use and an entertaining game. 


  1. Most people face issues after installing the app. 
  2. At times, they redirect you to the original clash royale game.
  3. You have to install it with a warning (this app may harm your device).
  4. It’s unethical and makes the game uninteresting. 
  5. Installing an apk is always a matter of doubt. You can never completely trust. 


Master royale infinity is an excellent app that provides unique features like unlimited gems, cards, or gold coins. You will never be able to find these options in the actual game. It’s free, easy to and works well on some major platforms. 

On the other hand, the app has some issues when most people complain about being redirected to the original clash royale game, updates are not stable, and you might face connecting issues. 

At last, it is an app worth trying, it’s safe, and you will not face any issues related to safety or security. 

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