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GBWhatsApp is an advanced and customized version of the original WhatsApp.
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3 July, 2020
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GBWhatsApp is an advanced and customized version of the original WhatsApp. You can use this app along with the original WhatsApp. By this, you can use two numbers at the same time in two different WhatsApp account. GBWhatsApp is the unofficial version of WhatsApp. You can do different things while using this version. This app was created after WhatsApp Plus was banned by the original WhatsApp creators.

GBWhatsApp has different functions in it. You can use two WhatsApp (GBWhatsApp and WhatsApp) on your phone without any interference. The best function is that you can see the deleted messages and you can retrieve the deleted photos from chats. This app has lots of features on it. You can hide your status, send larger videos, send largely no. of photos (normal WhatsApp allows you to send only 10 photos at once, but in GBWhatsApp you can send 90+ photos at once).

This app has more themes in it. You can use different themes to make your GBWhatsApp look better. The app has a nice and smooth interface to give the best user experience. This app has a user-friendly interface.

GBWhatsApp Features:

GB Whatsapp APK 2019 is made with lots of features, and all those features you can use on a smartphone. Following are the features of GBWhatsapp:

Automatic replies:

Now with this app, you can automatically reply to your friend easily. This app has an option to reply automatically. You just have to set it and enjoy this feature.

Filter Messages:

Filter messages is an option by which you can clear your chats and you can also filter your chats.

Get Messages back:

GBWhatsApp has an option of anti-revoke. You can get back the deleted messages back by using this feature.

Do Not Disturb (DND):

This app also has an option for DND. If this feature is enabled, then you will not receive messages from this app. You will be getting notifications from other apps except this one.

Effects and filters:

The app has different effects and filters that you can place on your photos and videos before sending them to your family, friends, and colleagues to give them some special effects.

Live Location Sharing:

This app also has an option to share your live location with anyone. If you don’t want to share your live location then you can send your current location.

Send Multiple Images and Large Videos:

Now you can send large videos and a large number of images by using GBWhatsApp. You can send up to 90 images at once.

Download different Status:

You can download different status from other WhatsApp stories. Now you don’t need to record your screen. Using this feature, you can download any status with just a single click.

Lots of Fonts:

You can also set different fonts if you are not linking old font. This app has lots of font on it.


This app has different types of themes. You can set a theme that you like the most.

Final Words:

GBWhatsApp is a nice app if you want to enjoy lots of features. This app can do anything that you want to do in your WhatsApp. You can install this app along with your original WhatsApp and enjoy two accounts at the same time without any interference. In this app, you can retrieve deleted messages, images, and videos. This app is of small size and works fine on every device. This app has a nice and smooth interface that makes this app more user friendly. You can also set DND if you don’t want any notification from this app.

To enjoy the features of GBWhatsApp, go and download the app from the link given below.

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