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FM Whatsapp Apk is the popular modified version of WhatsApp and created by Fouad Mokdada developer. Most interestingly, it can be accessed on any device, whether mobile or windows, and you will get the same user experience on each device.
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Dec 27, 2022
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FMWhatsApp 10.23 APK: Are you bored with that traditional authentic version of WhatsApp on your phone. Keeping in mind the Foud Apps has created a new version of WhatsApp named as FMWhatsApp. This is basically the better version of WhatsApp, which allows you to hide your last seen, delivery report, online status, and other interface icons. You will be served with more flexibility as compared to traditional WhatsApp. Also, have a look at YoWhatsapp APK.

Hey buddies, we come back with a fantastic app called FMWhatsapp Apk. It is a mod version of the original WhatsApp, which gives a fantastic user experience because of its premium features. As you already know, WhatsApp is the best way to communicate with other people through messages, video calls, and audio and has features of sending pdf, photos, or videos to other people. 

But, WhatsApp has some barriers that you can send only a max 16 MB video and a max of 30 photos at a time. So, many users want to use the alternative of WhatsApp to get rid of these limitations. Moreover, you will see many alternatives to WhatsApp are available in the market. Still, out of all, the FMWhatapp Apk is best because it not only overcomes these limitations but also comes with lots of features. So, for curious people who want to know more about the features of this FMWhatapp, then follow till the end. You can also download GBWhatsApp APK.

More points about it:

All of you must have used WhatsApp, in which you get to use very few features, but how would it be if a lot of features came into WhatsApp but it could not happen at once, although WhatsApp keeps on bringing its new features from time to time.

But till then you can use FMWhatsApp APK, an alternative to WhatsApp, which can be a very good option if you want to have more features or make your WhatsApp according to you.

What is FMWhatsApp APK?

FMWhatsApp APK Download

FM Whatsapp Apk is the popular modified version of WhatsApp and was created by Fouad Mokdada developer. Most interestingly, it can be accessed on any device, whether mobile or windows, and you will get the same user experience on each device. Also, this FMWhatsapp mod version is popular among people instead of GBWhatsapp because of its impressive features and user-friendly interface which you will not see in any other WhatsApp mod. 

FMWhatsapp is the best app that will help you to customize WhatsApp according to your choice, like changing the theme, logo, and many more to make it attractive and user-friendly to use. Most importantly, to use this APK, you don’t have to delete the original WhatsApp, making it more famous among people worldwide. In addition, it doesn’t have any bugs and works on end-to-end encryption, which makes it more secure. 

More about it:

FMWhatsApp is an alternative to the original WhatsApp, in which you get to use a lot more features than WhatsApp and they can also say in the easy language without any limitation that it is a mod version of WhatsApp itself.

The full form of FMWhatsApp is Fouad Mokdad WhatsApp and the reason behind keeping such a name is that the name of the person who created this app is Fouad Mokdad, so he launched this app with his own name FMWhatsApp.

The main purpose of making the app is to remove the limitation of people, meaning that people are able to use very limited features in WhatsApp, so Fouad Mokdad developed this app.

Why should one use FMWhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp is the better and also modified version of WhatsApp. This app gives you the freedom of customization, in this version of WhatsApp you are free to choose the layouts, themes, and obviously that green color of the original WhatsApp you are using for years.

The idea of introducing this new and better version of the App lies in the fact that now WhatsApp can connect more with you, making it more user-friendly easy to interact with customers, and also making it better in terms of service.

As we know, it is a mod version of the original WhatsApp and comes with lots of features. But sometimes, the question might be stuck in your mind: why should you use it? The answer to this is straightforward as many users use this app for getting a visual experience and cool features that you will not see in the original WhatsApp. FMWhatsapp allows the user freedom to customize WhatsApp according to their satisfaction. Like, if you don’t like the layout or theme of the original WhatsApp, you get a feature in this FMwhatsapp Apk to change it, which brings aesthetic satisfaction in the mind of users. 

So, for this purpose, many people use this modified version as it provides lots of features that help them give the user-friendly interface and desired app what they want.

Information about FMWhatsapp Apk file:

App Name: FMWhatapp 

version: v1.5.21

File size: 55 MB 

Developed by:  Fouad Mokdada

Price: Free

Genre: Mod app

Operating system: Android/ iOS

Android version required: 8.0 and more

Installments: 10M+

Rating: 4.6/ 5.0

Features of FMWhatsApp APK

FMWhatsApp APK Download


You can customize FmWhatsApp according to your choice. You are free to choose other layouts over the traditional green ones also it contains a huge library of themes you can download and customize.


This is absolutely the brilliant feature aide in this version where you get the inbuilt lock for this app. You can also secure your chats by locking them too, this feature provides you with this feature

Exclusive Feature:

These exclusive features allow you to send messages to the contact that are not saved on your phone. Now you are free to pin at least 100 chats instead of only 3 you were able to pin in the traditional version. This app provides you with many colors and you can customize your theme through them.

Increased limits:

This version of WhatsApp also doesn’t bound you in terms of sending messages to large groups, now you can send 500 people instead of only 250.

New and exclusive features of FMWhatsApp APK:

Auto-reply option: This auto-reply feature helps users auto-reply in the group whenever a message appears. It has incredible features for you as it helps the users to know that you are not ignoring the message. 

DND feature: Suppose you are playing a game on your smartphone, and suddenly a message appears. In that case, you will get outraged, and for this reason, many use this FMwhatsapp Apk because it comes with DND features. It helps the users to block the message that they are getting.

Hide online feature: Another feature you will love about this FMWhatsapp is the hide online feature, which allows the users to hide their online status on your WhatsApp.

Media sharing: One of the best features offered by this FMwhatsapp Apk is that it allows users to send 90 photos simultaneously, whereas you can send 700 MB files using this app to other people. It can be anything such as PDF, document, video, or something else.

Customization: Next other feature which makes it more exciting to use is that it allows users to customize the layout according to their choice. Moreover, it comes with a collection of attractive themes which give an incredible experience while using the app. 

Download Statuses: Another feature that makes it more popular is that it allows the users to download the status of any contact which they like. It comes with in-built download features, allowing users to get any status they want. 

Outstanding Typeface: Another fantastic feature is that it allows you to change the font. You have to select any font and click on the apply button. It helps the users customize the keyword according to their choice, bringing the experience to the ultimate level. 

Other features: We have listed below the features you can enjoy in this FM WhatsApp Apk. Apart from the one discussed above, you will be able to get various other features:

  • It allows the users to pin the 100 chats instead of  3.
  • Also, you can make a list of which can call you or not. 
  • You can see the deleted message using the FMwhatsapp APK. 
  • The next feature comes with an in-built app lock which allows the users to lock that app. 
  • Another feature is hiding the app from the app list so that no one can check Whatsapp. 

Best Features of FMWhatsApp?

FMWhatsApp APK Download

As I told you, this is the mode version of WhatsApp, so it has all the features of the original WhatsApp, but along with it there are many other features and services, so let’s know everyone.

CUSTOMISATION – This is one of the best features because in this FMWhatsApp you can customize whatever you want.

You can customize it by changing your theme, changing fonts, changing colors, changing app icons, changing messaging options, etc.

HIDE ONLINE STATUS – In WhatsApp, you can only hide your last seen but in this FMWhatsApp Apk you can only hide the complete online status, its advantage will be that even if you stay online then no one will see it.

Along with this, you can also make your fridge online via this WhatsApp, by enabling this it will be beneficial that you will always see your contacts online as long as your internet is open.

PRIVACY – In WhatsApp, you can lock your app only with a fingerprint but it is not like this, you can also lock yourself using a password or PIN and keep your account secure.

Talking about privacy, you can hide your blue tick, typing message, scene message tick all in it so that you can stay safe and secure through this app.

MEDIA SHARING – In official WhatsApp, you can share only 30 images at a time, in this, you can share more than 30 images at a time and that too up to 700 MB.

Without any hassle, you can share whatever documents you want, whether it is photos, videos, audio, documents, etc.

THEMES – You will get to see only one LAYOUT in WhatsApp, using which you must have got bored but it is not like this, you can select themes according to this app because every day in FMWhatsApp Apk there are many themes, and Layouts are added.

EMOJIS – In WhatsApp, you get to use emojis very rarely, which means you have limited emojis on WhatsApp but in FMWhatsApp Apk you get to use many different types of emojis variants and that too absolutely free.

UPDATES – This Apk is a third-party app, yet you get good updates from time to time which makes the user experience a lot better.

ANTI-DELETE – In official WhatsApp, you can delete the message sent to anyone, but in this WhatsApp, even if someone deletes the message sent to you, then it will not be deleted from your chat.

This means that any message sent in it, whether it is photos, videos, or documents, will not be deleted even after deleting it.

CHAT WITHOUT SAVE NUMBER – To chat with someone on official WhatsApp, you have to save their mobile number first, but in FMWhatsApp you can message and chat to someone without saving the number.

Review of this FMWhatsApp APK:

FMWhatsApp APK

Undoubtedly, this FMWhatsapp is the best mod version that many users use instead of others due to the incredible experience and features that this app gives to the users. So, we think it is the best app you should download on your devices. Most importantly, the app receives many positive and negative reviews, which we have mentioned below. 


  • The users think it is the best-modified version because it offers lots of features, making the FMWhatapp more valuable. 
  • Moreover, they have loved the privacy of this mod app as it is based on end-to-end encryption. 
  • Lovely app and all its themes and logo is very fantastic and help to customize the app according to my choice. 
  • Most importantly, I am giving this FMWhatsapp five-star rating because it is very famous among users due to its impressive features.
  • Moreover, users think it does not contain any bugs making it more secure than others. 
  • It is a perfect mod Apk that comes with a user-friendly interface. 
  • You can change the theme.
  • App icons have changed.
  • Can hide online status.
  • You can share files of more than 700MB in it.
  • In this, you also get the Anti-delete feature which can be a better option to use this app.


  • As it is a third-party app, that’s why many users think it is not that much secure as the original WhatsApp.
  • Another thing that they think is that the app comes with some bugs that the application is not fixing.
  • Some also think that this FMWhatsapp Apk is becoming worse day by day.
  • Next, they don’t like that the app comes with auto-update features, and they face difficulty updating this FMwhatsapp app. 

FMWhatsApp APK: Pros and cons? 


  • This FMWhatsapp comes with an anti-delete feature that allows you to see the deleted message, which the recipient forbids.
  • Another important reason to love this mod is that it comes with a collection of attractive themes which give an extraordinary experience.
  • In addition, this Apk allows people to send a max 700 MB size file to other people. 
  • Also, allow the users to 100+ share photos or videos in one message.
  • Most interestingly, this FMwhatsapp Apk supports multi-language, making it easier for the user to understand. 
  • It comes with pop-up features which give notifications regarding anything happening in the app.


  • The biggest con of this FMwhstapp is that it does not come with an auto-update feature. 
  • Another problem you will face is the speed of the function, which sometimes becomes slower, and you will not be able to message. 
  • Also, sometimes the FMwhatsapp app crashes due to the old version of this mod Apk.
  • This is a third-party app.
  • Your phone may be at risk if downloaded from the wrong place.
  • This WhatsApp is slow as compared to the official WhatsApp because many features have been given in it.

Installation steps of FMWhatsApp APK:

  • Just google the downloadable file of FmWhatsApp
  • Download the file
  • Transfer that file to your Android by means of some tools.
  • Extract the setup file where ever you want on your phone
  • Now, you are all set to use the better version of WhatsApp.

How To Download FMWhatsApp Apk?

This is a modified version of official WhatsApp, so you will not find it on Google Playstore, you will have to adopt some other method to download the app.

But don’t worry because we have made this task easy for you.

No need to go anywhere to download because we have provided you with the download link above from where you can easily download and use the latest FMWhatsApp Apk.

Before installing, just go to the settings of your device and activate Install from unknown sources, you will be able to download the app successfully.


  • First, you have to discover an APK file you want. Search online for an APK document and download it into an easy-to-find location on your computer (such as your desktop).
  • Before you can install it on your phone you will want to make certain third-party apps are enabled on your apparatus.
  • Visit Menu > Settings > Security > and assess Unknown Sources to Permit your phone to install programs from resources Apart from the Google Play Store.
  • Newer versions of Android do things somewhat differently. You will be prompted to allow your browser or file manager to install APKs. The first time you attempt to do so As opposed to checking a global setting to allow installation from sources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q – What is FMWhatsApp Apk?

Ans – This is a modified version of official WhatsApp, in which you get many features as compared to WhatsApp, which will change the attitude of your chatting.

Q – Is it safe to use FMWhatsapp Apk?

Ans – Yes!  But as long as you download from the right site because if you download from any third party source, then there may be a virus or malware in place of the app which can harm your phone.

Q – For which devices FMWhatsApp Apk are available?

Ans – The app is currently available only for Android smartphone devices but still if you want to download it for pc then you can install Android Apps Simulator ( Bluestacks and Nox App Player ) etc. on your PC after that easily you can also use it on your desktop.

Q – Can we use this app with official WhatsApp?

Ans – Nope!  The only drawback of this app is that you cannot use it along with the official WhatsApp. To use it, you must first disable the original WhatsApp.

Final words on FMWhatsApp APK:

After reading this post, we are confident that you will love this FMWhatsapp Apk, and also, all your queries regarding this WhatsApp mod version get solved. One last thing about this app is that it comes with lots of features; however, I think some problems will be resolved in the upcoming update. 

But overall, it is the most popular Whatsapp mod version which comes with lots of impressive features which you can’t imagine. So, we suggest you try and use this FMwhatsapp Apk instead of the original WhatsApp and start using the features. Also, check and download WhatsApp Business APK.

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