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FileLinked is a platform that gives you access to various programs, applications, and a bunch of files for free.
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Nov 24, 2022
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Are you the one who wants to Download FileLinked App APK for Android, Firestick, PC, and Mac? If yes, you are at the right place.

In this post, We bring this excellent app to make your experience much easier when downloading files. When you have the FileLinked App, you don’t need to enter URLs to download files and programs.

Although the name creates the view that you will need to insert links to download files, you will have to use special codes for every file you ever want on your device.

Each application or file has its code, which inserting it, you can download any file you want to download to your device with just a few taps, be it Android, Firestick, Fire TV, or any other.

What is FileLinked APK?

FileLinked is a platform that gives you access to various programs, applications, and a bunch of files for free. The best thing about the app is that each file on this platform is download through a specific code. There is a kind of warehouse where files are kept, and this app will give you access to it.

The only thing to be done is insert the codes, and FileLinked will take you to the file download.

It is a convenient feature for those who do not have the time or patience to search through the net. With this guidance, you will no longer need that.

With this App, you can upload your files or software to cloud storage, and you can create a code for them after uploading them to FileLinked.

This app is a bulk downloader, you can easily download the file by simply pasting the code in the bar given in the app area.

How do FileLinked APK works?

FileLinked APK works very fine on every device. It also has a great interface, you can easily use this app for downloading purposes. Follow the steps below if you are curious to know how this app works:

  • The app converts the large URL into small codes that can be used to download the files.
  • Many developers or other people use these features for many causes. They turn the large URL for the files into small codes.
  • These codes are small and you can easily use them to download different files (Like- apps, games, and much more).
  • Simply get the code from searching it on the internet or ask someone and paste that code on the FileLinked homepage.
  • When you will open the App after installing it you will get an option to paste the code.
  • It is very simple to download and use this app on your device.
  • This app is basically good for TV, Firestick, android devices, or any kind of device. Simply download the app and install it.
  • Many people use it on FireStick to download the other apps that are not available on Amazon Store.
  • It’s simple to download the other apps on Firestick by using FileLinked.

Thousands of people are using this app and they are really enjoying it. What you are waiting for, go and download the APK file from the link given in this article.


Application Name: FileLinked

APK Size: 10 Mb

Supported devices: Android, Firestick, Nvidia Shield, Roku, TV Box, PC and Mac

System version: Android 4.1 and higher

APP Version: v2.1.9

Provided by:

Category: Bulk Downloader


The App comes with the best features to make your Experience the best when looking for Files to keep on your device. Check below some of its best features:

  • Free: FileLinked is an application completely free, you will not need to pay anything to use it, and you will be able to download any file you want.
  • Easy to use: It is a super easy to use application. You will be able to create your collection of Applications, Photos and various files you want, or download any file you want, all for free.
  • Fast: It is very fast when downloading large files at the same time on your Android device.
  • Sharing: In addition to creating collections, you can also share those collections with the public. It’s like creating your repository and inviting others to visit from it by an invitation code.
  • Beautiful interface: FileLinked has an attractive and friendly interface. It is an easy to use and intuitive platform.
  • Opportunity to publish: You will be able to present your files and applications to the community with your codes.
  • Bulk Downloads: FileLinked allows you to download multiple files at the same time. Do not feel obliged to have to make single downloads.

How to get Filelinked on Firestick?

It is very easy to download Filelinked APK on your android devices like Firestick. The app works perfectly fine on firestick. As it has a nice and smooth interface you will really like this app. People like this app because it has different codes that you can use to download the files very easily without going through a long process.

To download the Filelinked APK on Firestick you need to go to the settings and turn on “Install unknown apps”. After doing this go and download the Downloader app to your firestick. Then type the URL of this website or any other source. Your downloading will start. As your download is completed you can install the app on your Firestick device and use it according to your need.

If you want a detailed step to download and install the Filelinked APK on your device you can go through the below paragraph. There I have mentioned each and everything in detail.

Download Filelinked APK

Below, you can download the APK to start enjoying all its functionalities


How to install FileLinked?

  • To install FileLinked, you first have to download it from the DOWNLOAD NOW button above.
  • Since the installation of the app varies from device to device, we have prepared a comprehensive GUIDE on how to install FileLinked on each platform.

How to install FileLinked Apk on Firestick?

First, keep in mind that FileLinked does not appear in the Amazon app store. It means that you will have to download the APK above, load it on your Firestick, and only then you will be able to install FileLinked.

  • Go to SETTINGS on the Amazon Firestick home screen.
  • Find and click on the option Device / My Fire TV.
  • Go to Developer options and click.
  • Go down a bit and activate Apps from unknown sources.
  • Then, search for Downloader on the Amazon Firestick home screen.
  • Then open the Downloader application.
  • Now click on the Download button.
  • After downloading the Downloader, click Open.
  • Then, allow the Downloader application to access your files.
  • Now, in the Downloader’s address bar, type and click GO.
  • After the download is complete, click Install.
  • After the app has installed, click Done.
  • You are prompted to delete the FileLinked APK file. Click on Delete
  • Click Delete again.
  • You can find FileLinked App in the list of apps and games. That’s all, and the installation is complete.

How to install FileLinked Apk on Android?

  • First, go to Settings> Securities and activate Apps From Unknown Sources.
  • Download the APK by clicking on DOWNLOAD NOW on your Android and install the app.
  • Now look for the application in the menu and open it.
  • This process is the same for installing FileLinked on Android TV or any other Android TV.

How to install FileLinked Apk on PC?

  • To start, we will need Bluestacks Software to download or any other Android Emulator for PC that supports FileLinked.
  • First of all, download the Bluestacks software on your PC or laptop.
  • After installing the software, open it and register by filling in the following details asked in the app.
  • After that download the APK file either from a third-party link or directly downloads it on Bluestacks.
  • Then install the file in the Bluestack and start using it.
  • Keep in mind that if you are this software make sure that all the android applications will work on this software only. You have to open the BlueStacks to access all the installed files.
  • You have to follow the same process to install the FileLinked application on your MacBook either.

Steps to Use FileLinked App:

The app has 3rd party advertisements on it. However, you can remove it following the below.

  • Bingo! Now you can see the main menu without any advertisements.
  • To download files in FileLinked, you need the code of the file.
  • Then, Check some of the Best FileLinked Codes. Some of the Best Codes can download any file, app, or media you want.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this a Paid App?

FileLinked is free to use as it does not require any registration fees or subscription fees.

Can FileLinked be safe to use?

Although this application isn’t available in App Stores, FileLinked is safe to use. With this app’s help, your phone is safe from hackers and provides you virus-free platform.

What can I download with the app?

You can download from FileLinked anything you can download from conventional ways.

Is the file linked VS FireDL?

FileLinked is an advanced alternative to FireDL. Although both provide the same services, you will not be able to group applications in FireDL, which is one of the best features of this app.

Is FileLinked Down?

Yes, it can get down sometimes wait and let the developers work on it to fix the problem. You can also try reinstalling it, if then also it does not work simply go to the settings and click on the app to force stop it and clear the cache, then try opening it. If you face the same problem again then you don’t have to wait for the developers to work on it. It could be a problem with the server.

Is FileLinked not working?

Yes, It could have not worked. The developers are working on it to fix the problem. Keep calm and wait for the updates. It will start working. Till then try clearing the app cache and start it after force-stopping the application. You can also try reinstalling the app.

Other Alternative of FileLinked:

Don’t get sad, you got a lot of alternatives to this app. As we have alternatives to other apps we also have Alternatives to this app. Let’s discuss them one by one:

Downloader App:

This is a great alternative to FileLiked, it is used by thousands of people and they love it. This app also works the same as FileLinked APK. In this application, you have to paste the URL or Pin to download the App. It is not an app store like Filelinked but you can download any app by using it on your device Like – FireStick. If you are especially searching for an app store so read the below alternative, I have mentioned them.


It is a free and open-source platform, you can use this to download an APK file and It contains thousands of APK files in it that can be very helpful to you. It is a kind of store, in which you can either download software by URL or directly from the application. You can use this app instead of FileLinked. It is also a great Alternative.


Aptoide is a famous platform to download APK files to your device. It is an app store and contains thousands of app. This app is fantastic and will surely solve your problem. Basically, it contains every app that we need on our device. This can be a powerful alternative to FileLinked.

Aurora Store:

This is also a free and open-source platform. You can use this store to download different apps according to your need. The app works perfectly fine on every device and you will not face any problems while using it. Simply download the app and start using it. It is also a Great alternative for Filelinked APK.

APK Pure:

This is also a great platform to download the APK file. It is also an app store and it contains thousands of app. You can access this app from anywhere at any time. Fully safe and secure, you will not get disappointed after using this app.


Applinked is made now when the news came out that the Filelinked App is not working now. People got to know that Filelinked is not working and they started coming on Google to search for the best alternative and they finally got to know about Applinked app. The Applinked app is the same as the Filelinked app. Both the app works in the same way. You can download this app from the link given here. You will surely love the app as you will not see the big difference between both the app.

Applinked APK Download


Make sure you get the latest version of FileLinked to have the best features. Fortunately, the performance in the DOWNLOAD NOW button is the latest by now, and we will try to update it as soon as a new version comes out. Make sure to keep tuned. You can also download files in bulk. It basically turns the URL into small codes. These codes are handy and easy to remember, you just have to type the code to download the file. You can use this FileLinked on any device like – Android, IOS, MacBook, Windows, FireStick, and on many more devices. The app is lightweight and works fine on every device without creating any problems. You will not face any issues while using this app. The app is user-friendly, you will surely love this app.

If you are using a PC, you may be interested in our article about Android Emulators for PC for detailed guidance.

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