15 Apps to make Money Online 2020


In today’s era, everything is going online from shopping to paying bills and much more. We use our smartphones to do lots of fun, watching movies, chatting with friends, etc But what if we can make money by using our Mobile Phone that will be more fun.

Everyone knows that earning money at this time is so hard. We have to work hard to earn a small amount of money. As you have lots of options to make money online from youtube, blogging, and many other platforms. So if you got a chance to earn money by using your smartphone, then why not we do it. We all use our smartphone most of the time, wasting time in lots of activities.

In this article, I am going to tell you about 15 apps from where you can make money online. You just need to install those apps. Every app has there own activities, you have to complete those activities to earn money. You can give your free time to those apps and start earning or you can do this as part-time work.

15 Apps to Make Money Online 2020

We all have different apps which we even don’t use. Now it’s time to uninstall all those apps and install some useful apps. Earning money by just using your Smartphone will be more fun. I am telling you about 15 different apps from which you can earn money. I have done research on lots of apps. Now earn money online easily. Let’s discuss them one by one.

1. Userfeel

The Userfeel App is the platform where you can earn money by testing different websites and Apps. You just need to login by filling your details in the app and apply to become a tester. They will provide you a qualification test if you complete it and fulfill their needs then you they accept your form. You can earn up to $10 per test.

This app is for both android and IOS. You can also go to the given link and sign in as a tester. To qualify the test you should have good microphone and you should know the language which you have chosen while registering into it. You can get maximum of 5 tests per day according to your rating. If you are not performing well then you will not get any test. You can take your payment by using Paypal. If you don’t have paypal account then go and create your account first.

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2. Musely

Musely is an an online community and a market program where there are several beauty and home products. This app works on both Android and IOS devices. You can use this app for various skincare treatments. Etsy provides you the various range of beauty products. You can also share various lifestyle tips for the skincare fitness. You can get various goods like makeup kit, lipstick, nail polish that is made organically. As we know organic products are the best for our skin care and we can use them at a regular basis without any side effects.

By having Musely in your smartphone you can also earn money online. You can market the products that are shown on this app and they will give you commission on every sale. You can open your own shop, collect the required products and start sharing them so that people can buy goods from your shop and you can earn money from that and you can earn up to 20% commission on this app by selling products from your shop. This app is best for beauty, health and many more types of products. Go and download this app and make your first earning. This app pays you on every 1st and 15th date of the month.

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3. Etsy

As we can see nowadays people are buying ready made items like for decoration because they don’t have many choice for hand made material items and they are not easily available in the market too, so for that we need big machines and lots of money to spend, not everyone is capable for doing all that things.

Now, we are introducing online trading application in which we can buy and sell new items with the help of this application. Yes this is platform where you can do trading in cheap style. You can open your shop in this application. You can sell Jewellery, cloths, mates, home décor, paintings, etc.

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4. Amazon Seller

When we talk about the big platform for trading then it comes with the name of amazon seller. Amazon seller is a trading platform where a person can sell their own product and can open their own brands with their own terms and conditions like price , cloth material, deliever time etc. For all this things first you need a strong planning / strategy to open a new brand. Once you decided that what you are going to sell then you have to be very carefull about the customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction comes from the product that what kind of product you are selling and at what price. You need to know what attracts the customer most and vice versa. In your shop there must be feedback option where customer will give the feedback about your product.

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5. Foap

This is the best application for everyone and especially for those who love photography. Foap is an money making application where you can sell your photos and videos to big brands and can earn money from that. You need to create your own account and then upload your portfolio or you can say your photos and video.

Then there is some missions, you need to follow one of them and with the help of those mission you can sell your photos to big brands. With the help of social media you can get to about what is trendy and popular. With the help of feedback option you can see how much stars people are giving to your photos and videos.

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6. Make Money: Passive Income Ideas

Make money: passive income ideas is the platform where you can find different different ideas about how to make money. In this pandemic no one wants to go outside everyone wants to work from home.

This application will give you the great ideas about passive income like you can sell online course with membership, you can create a blog and get the affiliate links, You can do affiliate marketing, etc. This is the easy way to setup your own business from home .you can do anything without taking any permission from your boss because this application will help you to become a boss.

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7. iPoll

Ipoll is the easiest way to earn money. Ipoll gives you rewards like gift cards, movie ticket, airline credits and more.
You just need to share the feedback about what you have buy and where you visit. This app will give you some task and you have to follow the rules of that task. Task like first you have to visit some places and give your opinion that what you like the most and the worst about the place. Second , you can buy a new product and then test them. last thing you have to share your opinion regarding that product.

Your earning will depend on tasks that how many tasks you are completing Because the more you do the more you get. In this, you can choose your own interest for buying and visiting the place. You will receive a message when any tast is available for you. Once you complete a task you will get rewards in your ipoll account.

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8. Surveys on the Go

Surveys on the go is the easiest way to earn money .You just have to take the surveys and it can be on any topic.
When you take surveys you get the real money not coins. Money started from $1 and it will increase according to your performance. You just need to do some things like turn on your location , enable notification , microphone,take pictures and videos while doing the survey.

The more you take surveys the more you get money. People enjoy a lot while doing the survey some takes it as money making application and some takes it as in a fun way like they are playing games and get cash when it complete the task.

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9. Money App

The money app is a platform from where you can earn real money directly to your Paypal account. The app include different tasks that you have to perform to earn reward points. This app is available for both android and IOS devices. You can do different tasks in it like – play games, mystery shopping, offering opinions, testing solutions and much more.

Download the app and install it. Create an account on Money App. After creating an account by filling details you will get different tasks. Finish those tasks and earn reward points. You can use those reward points in buying some gift cards, or you can directly transfer those rewards points as a money into your Paypal account. You can get paid in 2-3 days only. This app is a good platform to make money online.

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10. Perk TV App

Perk TV is an platform where you can earn rewards by watching different videos or by completing different tasks. You can earn points and finally you can convert them into gift cards or you can use them in your Perk card. You can watch different videos like movies, trailers and much more. Also, you can play games, visit different websites, browse the internet to earn more points.

Every 1000 points is equal to $1. You also get 100 bonus points on signup. So start using this app and earn points. Buy different giftcards from amazon, old navy, etc and shop according to your needs. You can also use this points for various other purposes. Earn gift cards online easily by using this app by using your smartphone.

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11. MooCash -Pays You With A Swipe and Tap

MooCash is the best app if you want to earn some money online. It also provides you the top-ups, gift cards, vouchers, etc. You have to play games, give surveys, watch movies, and much more to win these rewards. It has many rewards in it which you can win in different formats. MooCash is a good app to even earn real money which you can withdraw by PayPal, Skrill cash Etc.

Earn a number and coins and covert them into real money. You can earn $1 on every 1000 coins. You can also buy gift cards from different platforms like Amazon, iTunes, etc. Install and combine over a hundred million members that have earned more than 250,000 worth of free cash! Its now your chance to earn cash.

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12. Google’s Opinion Rewards

Google a big name in the world. It has brought an App to earn some rewards. Google Opinion Rewards is the platform where you can earn different rewards point and use them on different Google Services. Basically you don’t earn money from this app but you earn Google Rewards points which you can use to buy Google services like Movies, apps, books and much more.

Install the App and sign up in it. Google will then provide you different surveys which you have to finish. Complete the surveys, comment on them and earn rewards. Google gives you a single survey each week and you can make rewards of value 0.1 cents to two dollars from them. As this service is of Google, so there are no worries about fake or fraud. You can work on different surveys without any negative thoughts.

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13. Swagbucks

Swagbucks APK is a platform where you can earn free gift cards by taking surveys on the move or finding new goods, services, and articles, purchasing something from your favorite retailers, everything just by your mobile phone. This is the best app to increase the rate of your earning. You can share your views on topics like on different films, TV shows, new service, or products, shopping, adventure from the answer tab.

This is the popular app in which more than 100 million members are registered who have already earned more than 700,000,000 bucks by taking looks on the huge array of brands in retailers that they adore. You will earn SB points and you can convert those SB points into gift cards, or you can get cashback on PayPal.

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14. Mercari

Mercari is a online selling platform in which you can sell different types of products. This app allows you to sell any type of product from fashion to baby toys. You can open your own store on it. Mercari app gives you a platform to promote your product. It also sends his printable shipping labels via email so you can use that while shipping that product for the trust factor of the customer.

First download the app, signup in it by giving different details. After these steps are completed you can start listing your products. Your products can be of any type like clothes, medicine, handmade stuff, electronic gadgets, etc. Upload the picture, information of the product, size, material and then set your own price. You can set price according to your choice, but keep in mind that this app charges 10% commission from you. Go and download the app and start earning money online.

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15. Drop App

What if on every purchase of yours, you earn some rewards? Yes it is possible via Drop App. From your food to your clothes whatever you buy online gives you rewards on this app. You keep on purchasing using this app and start earning more and rewards points. Keep in mid that this app does not make you to earn money, but you can earn giftcards and many other offers.

You can buy giftcards and you can unlock different offers by using your reward points. This app is used by millions of people. Download the app and install it on your device. Signup and start purchasing items and earn rewards.

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Final Words (Make Money Online):

This article is based on different android apps through which you can make money or you can earn different types of rewards. The article is about the apps from which you can earn by sitting at your home. I have mentioned 15 apps that can be useful to you. As we use our smartphones most of the time in the whole day. So if we can make money from it by spending small amount of time will help us a lot. So go and download the app which you like the most and start earning from today. Become your own boss and start earning from home.

If I missed some of the best money making Apps, tell us! Comment down…

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