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BlackHole APK is a platform where we can listen, download, and sync songs from other apps in high quality with no ad interruption.
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Nov 30, 2023
Android 5.0 and Up
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Blackhole APK: Today we all are very keen to listen to music and download it into our devices for future listening. We also want a platform that does not contain ads, as ads can be irritating at the time when we are listening to music. So, we are always in search of a platform that has good UI and can play songs without any ads. By doing so we always land on a platform that charges an amount from us. So in this article, we have brought you a wonderful song listening and downloading app that will solve all of your problems in a single go. The app is known as BlackHole APK. So let’s discuss this app in the following article.

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What is the BlackHole App APK?

Nice Interface of BlackHole APK

BlackHole APK is a platform where we can listen, download, and sync songs from other apps in high quality with no ad interruption. The platform is completely ad-free and easy to use. You will see that this app is the same as other famous platforms out there like Spotify, Wynk, etc. In this app, you can listen to any song, or download them for future listening. You can also sync songs from platforms like Spotify and Wynk if you are not able to find any particular song in it. All the songs available on this platform are of high quality. You will not face any problems while using the app. The BlackHole App has a good interface, you will be able to easily navigate anything.

Music list in BlackHole APK

All the music in the app is well organized. You can play songs from any genre or category. The app also has a top 10, to 100 option you can play some songs from there. If you are a fan of some singer, then you can directly listen to the songs of that singer by going to the singer’s profile. In the Singer profile, you will find all the songs of that singer. This app also has a search bar, you can search for your favorite song directly from there. It also gets regular updates so that you guys always remain up to date with new features. The developers of the app add all the latest music so that you always listen to the latest songs. Now let’s discuss its features one by one:

Features of BlackHole APK:

More Music On BlackHole

Blackhole App has lots of features that we will discuss one by one:

  • Ad Free: This platform is completely ad-free. You will not see any video, image, or audio ad while using this app. The app gives users a seamless experience.
  • High-Quality Songs: We all like high-quality audio, as low-quality audio does not sound good. BlackHole App has high-quality songs in it. You can listen to all these songs with proper bass, and treble and enjoy yourself.
  • Download Option: You will get a download option in this app. It means that you can download any song from this app and listen to it in the future. This option helps you to listen to songs when you have no internet connectivity.
  • Import Songs: If you are not able to find any particular song on this platform then it has the option to import songs from other platforms like Wynk, Spotify, etc. You can directly import that song and listen to it on BlackHole APK.
  • User-Friendly UI: The app has a great user-friendly UI. You can use the app easily with its easy navigation.
  • Customization: You can customize the app by changing its theme, color, etc. This feature helps you change the app design and structure so that you always land up to a new interface.
  • Languages: BlackHole App has lots of songs in different languages. You can listen to songs in English, Hindi, Punjabi, and much more.
  • Large Library: The app has a large library of songs. You will find different Genres and categories in the app from where you can explore different songs. It also has a search bar from where you can directly find your favorite song.
  • Favorite List: You can add your favorite songs to your favorite list. The app has an option to create different lists according to your requirements.


What is the BlackHole App APK?

BlackHole APK is a platform where we can listen, download, and sync songs from other apps in high quality with no ad interruption. The platform is completely ad-free and easy to use.

Is BlackHole APK Free to use?

Yes, the app is completely free to use and it does not charge any amount from you. So, you can use the app without any problem and you don’t have to pay a single penny to anyone.

Does the BlackHole App contain Ads?

No, The app does not contain any kind of ads. It is completely ad-free. Due to this feature, the app becomes pretty good for their users.

How to update the BlackHole APK?

As this app is a third-party app, you have to update the app manually. First of all, you have to download the latest version of the app. Then delete the old version and install the latest version. By following these steps your app will be updated.


BlackHole APK is a great platform to listen to music. You can also download the songs from the app. It also has different genres and categories from where you can listen to songs and download them. The app is completely free to use and it’s ad-free. If you are interested in this app then you can download it from the link given above.

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