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Summertime Saga 0.20.7 APK is a fun adventure game in which you can do various activities and can travel all over the city. Its story starts when the father of the protagonist dies and due to debt, the mafias are now into their family.

In this game, you can travel all over the city. You can meet different characters and make a relation with them. At each level, you increase your character level by your charm and personality. You go to the gym, compete in different rap battles at each level. This game is made for totally entertainment purposes and its mind-blowing graphics will make your experience better.

Summertime Saga has many levels in it. You can only complete three levels a day after that you have to go to sleep. You can start a new day after that. This game has a nice and smooth interface to give users a better experience. This game is so entertaining that you will stick to it. You will meet with different characters if you wish you can talk to them and you can make a romantic relationship with them. You can also learn the past of different characters by interacting with them.

Features of Summertime Saga:

Story Plot:

The story plot of the game is good. You will love to play this game in your free time. It is basically a fun adventure game.

Different Characters:

In Summertime Saga, when completing your levels or events you can meet with different characters, interact with them, or you can make a romantic relationship with them. You can also know their pasts from them. This all makes you stick to the game.


Summertime Saga has mind-blowing graphics, you will love to play this game. The game becomes more interactive due to its graphics.


Summertime Saga has different events in it. You can complete 3 events a day. At each event you increase your personality by going to the gym, competing in rap battles.


This game has a nice and smooth interface which gives users a better experience. The game has everything in a well-mannered way which makes it more user-friendly.

Final Words:

Summertime Saga is an entertaining game that is basically a fun adventure game. You have to complete different events in it. The event level increases and your personality also develops in the game as you go to the gym, competes in rap, etc. You meet different characters in this game. You can interact with those characters and also you can have a romantic relationship with them. The graphics of the game is good and gives you a better user experience.

To play the Summertime Saga and want to enjoy its features, go and download the game from the link given below.

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