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My Singing Monsters APK has taken the game of collecting monsters and turned it on its head. In this game, players can hatch eggs to collect monsters and make them sing their favorite song, but that’s where the similarities with other monster-collecting games end.
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My Singing Monsters APK: A New Way to Collect Monsters

My Singing Monsters APK has taken the game of collecting monsters and turned it on its head. In this game, players can hatch eggs to collect monsters and make them sing their favorite song, but that’s where the similarities with other monster-collecting games end… this time, the monster’s song actually matters! The more players train their monsters to sing better songs and feed them to increase their energy level, the more they will earn in rewards. But what happens when your monsters get tired or full? Find out in our My Singing Monsters APK review!

What is the My Singing Monsters APK?

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The My Singing Monsters APK is a game addicting and fun. It is a game that you can play on your phone or tablet. You can create various types of monsters, feed them, and sing with them! You can also go on adventures with your monsters and find new homes for them. If you love the game, then download it today! With an island full of singing monsters, this game is something to watch out for! Once your monster’s song has reached its highest note, watch them fly off in search of their next adventure. Be sure to come back to check out some more interesting features from the My Singing Monsters APK!

All Of The Most Authentic Features Of The My Singing Monsters APK:

1. Breed And Grow Your Monster Musicians

In order to collect new monsters, you need to breed them. Breeding is a two-step process that involves collecting either an air or water monster and then combining them in the breeding area of your island. When you use the breeding machine on the left side of the island, a new monster will be generated and it will either be water or air type. Once they are collected, they are stored in your storage box on the right side of your island. You can also buy monsters from other players using gems, another currency in My Singing Monsters APK. There are many different types of monsters that you can collect through breeding and buying from others like fire, earth, and dark-type monsters.

2. Explore Catchy Tunes And Find Out New Lands

If you’re a fan of games such as Pokemon, then this app is right up your alley. My Singing Monsters APK is an interactive game that allows you to explore new lands and catch different monsters. The first thing you’ll notice when you open the app is that there are several islands with different monsters on each one. Each island has its own unique song, so if you like a particular island’s song, you can either wait for it to come around again or continue on exploring until it does. 

There’s no limit on how many times an island will come back so don’t worry about missing out if it isn’t currently playing on your island.

3. The Different Islands In  The Game

The game has different maps or islands. Each map has its own set of monsters that can be collected, and there are different islands that have their own customs. To get the monsters on the island, you will need a specific song for each monster. You can also find treasure chests with treasures in them scattered throughout the world. Different habitats help certain types of monsters and you need to build these up in order for your monsters to grow in size. The game also allows players to breed two of the same type of monster together to get a new type of monster as well as add them to their collection.

How to breed monsters in the My Singing Monsters Apk:

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Breeding new monsters is a fairly simple process. To start, you’ll need two singing monsters of different elements. In order to know which element each monster is, please take a look at their icon in the game. If it’s a circle, they are an air element; if it’s an hourglass, they’re a fire element; if it’s a star, then they are a light element; and so on. Once you have two matching monsters, find them together in the world and touch them with your finger. If both of them agree to mate, there will be a nice little love tune followed by fireworks that announce the birth of your new monster!

The Bottom Line:

The My Singing Monsters APK is a game that combines the gameplay of collecting monsters with an in-game currency called gems. Gems can be purchased with real money, but the game can also be played without spending any money at all. The main purpose of playing this game is to collect as many different types of monsters as possible so they can sing for you and create melodies. Once players get a new monster, they need to take care of it by feeding it and giving it water. Players will have the opportunity to make friends with other players who have collected similar types of monsters and interact with them on their islands. Overall, this app is a great way for people who are interested in collecting things or socializing in games to try something new.

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