Best Tools To Rotate PDF

Best Tool to rotate PDF
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It may look easy to rotate pdf – some people may believe that there is a ‘rotate’ button to get the job done and automatically format the pdf file to the desired orientation. It goes beyond that. PDFs are usually non-editable to maintain the original layout of the document. They are taken from a photo that computers recognize it as an image instead of a text-based file. Good thing, there are options to rotate pdf online.

However, not all services online offering to rotate pdf for free are the same. Some just offer trial version for one document or the interface could be hard to navigate. To help you find the best service to rotate pdf for free, here are the top 3 services available online.

1. is one of the best PDF services provider online. Aside from providing most of the essential pdf editing services for free, they have a very easy to use interface that does not require downloading the program followed by an installation on your device. Not just for internet browsers on computers or laptops, the service is also available on smartphones and tablets.

The rotate pdf function on this online platform can be done in 3 easy steps. The first step is to upload or drag the file to the secure website. Then, select the pages you wish to rotate. Once done, choose the direction of the rotation and an option to select multiple files to rotate is available if needed. To finish the process, there is a red button labeled ‘Rotate page’ that will download the file once clicked.

Apart from the rotate pdf online service, also offers a lot of free pdf tools to help users merge, split, delete, organize, and even edit pdf files using an OCR service. It can also convert pdf files in various formats and vice versa.

2. Smallpdf

Another service that can rotate pdf for free is Smallpdf. The website has the option to choose the file or drag it to the dedicated blue-green box. Its process is almost the same as and even offers a web extension if you will be using Google Chrome as the internet browser. They are also offering a mobile app for those who want to use the service on the go.

The disadvantage of this site is the registration process and charges to access more pdf tools online.  There is a limit of 2 documents for guest users that are using the service for free. Price starts at US$9 per month for single users and US$7 for a ‘Team’ access.

3. PDFsam

It is one of the secure PDF tools resources online as it can only access pages that are secure. The site also boasts support for more than 20 languages, not just to rotate pdf online. Users have also noted that the site loads all its services quickly. But one of its cons is the user interface that some may find it challenging to navigate the page, as it is reminiscent of those complicated Windows programs.

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