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How to download the BalleBaazi app and earn money in the application BalleBaazi, playing fantasy games.
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The BalleBaazi mobile app and how to make money playing fantasy games?

As a spin-off of Baazi Games, BalleBaazi was introduced in 2018. Since its establishment in 2014, this company has created a number of betting websites. The company concentrates on skill games, so there are no jural controversies to intervene with the user’s gambling habits, and wants to give secure, valid online locations for Indian gamblers.

BalleBaazi has advanced rapidly in a brief period of time to be a huge player among India’s top bookmakers. It has amassed many loyal users who have nothing but good things to say about it, and it has also received favorable ratings from reputable reviewers.

How to download the BalleBaazi mobile app:

It would be a good idea to consider the procedure for downloading the programme to mobile phones. Both Android and iPhone devices can use the BalleBaazi app. Amazingly, BalleBaazi app download APK couldn’t be easier. To get yourself organized, all you need are a few minutes and clicks.

How to Install BalleBaazi on an iOS Device:

  1. Do a “BalleBaazi” search in the App Store.
  2. Select “Download” from the menu.
  3. Click “Open” once the software has been downloaded.

You can now begin using BalleBaazi on your iPhone.

BalleBaazi App Image

How to Install BalleBaazi on an Android Device:

  1. Due to limitations placed by Google, the BalleBaazi app is not accessible through Play Market. It means, you have a possibility to get the file directly from the official site.
  1. Visit the BalleBaazi website and select “Download Android”.
  1. Immediately following BalleBaazi apk download old version, a warning notice will appear on your screen. To complete the app installation, select “Install Anyway”.

Remember to give your device access to download files from an unknown source. 

BalleBaazi app brief overview:

One of the more recent fantasy sports books from India is BalleBaazi app, but it has already made a reputation for itself in the gaming industry. The app only concentrates on sporting events that are popular with Indian gamblers and updates its information frequently to stay up to date with these players. The question “Is the programme BalleBaazi legit?” may arise in the minds of individuals who have never heard of it, but the answer is unmistakably yes. This sportsbook meets all the criteria to be a top gambling operator and offers Indian players a secure, thrilling option to enjoy betting on their preferred sports. 

Is the BalleBaazi app legal?

The bookmaker’s app is fully legal in India, as the company is an international operator whose online activities are not banned in the state. This provision applies to all operations of the bookmaker and is not restricted in any way, including activity on the desktop website, mobile website and portable apps.

How to play a game in the BalleBaazi app?

You must carefully get familiar with all the guidelines and concepts before you begin playing the BalleBaazi APK. Following that, you can begin the further steps:

  • Fantasy gamers have the option to play Cricket, Football, or Kabaddi after signing up.
  • Choose the sport, then the game you want to play.
  • You are given 100 credits to pick 11 players to create a team.
  • There are varying restrictions for different sports; for instance, in football, you cannot select more than one goalie, but in cricket, you may select up to four wicketkeepers.
  • You lead your fantasy squad as Cp and vice-Cp after selecting your best starting 11.

Taking Vice-Captain and Captain and is one of the most crucial responsibilities for a Fantasy player since the Captain’s points are twice (2X) and the Vice-one is increased by 1.5X.

How do I create my Dream11 in the BalleBaazi app?

One of these strategies can be used to assemble a team:

  • In traditional fantasy, pick 11 players from each side, with no more than 7 players from any one squad. Select a Cp and vice-Cp who will each earn you two points and one more accordingly.
  • Choose 5 players from the batting fantasy teams, with a maximum of 3 players from any one squad. You choose a CP and vice-Cp much like in the original. In contrast to the original edition, only runs scored by the players you choose count toward your score.
  • Pick 5 players from the bowling fantasy teams, with a maximum of 3 players from any one team. As in the original, you select a Cp and vice-Cp. You only get points for your chosen participants taking wickets, plus additional elements for fielding.

Once your squad is put together, play in a practice game or place a real money wager for a chance to win big in the BalleBaazi app.

How do I create a private league in the Ballebaazi App?

To go deeper, you can create a private or personalized league in BalleBaazi APK. In order to do that, perform the steps listed below:

  • Pick a game, then tap the button “League”.
  • Go to “Create League”.
  • Submit the fields to start a league in private mode.
  • Assemble a squad or be a part of an already created one. 
  • Send invitations to teammates.

A user can join at any time until the league closes, right before the players go out to play.

BalleBaazi Image

How do I confirm my Ballebaazi account?

Before you may wager real money on games, claim winnings, or make any withdrawals, all accounts created will need to be verified. To do this, you must validate your phone number during the BalleBaazi login process or wait for an activation mail. If you do not receive any confirmation email or SMS within a few minutes, be sure to check any spam folders. You can play on the app now that everything has gone through.

How do I withdraw money from the Ballebaazi app?

The BalleBaazi app offers fewer possibilities when it comes to money withdrawal. You can only make withdrawals to validated bank accounts or PayTM wallets, and in order to do so, you need to present extra proof of your identity. You can make withdrawals from your account after giving that confirmation. 

MethodPeriodMin amountMax amount
PayTM WalletUp to 24 hours100 INR9999 INR (tax-free)
Bank TransferUp to 7 days100 INR9999 INR (tax-free)

However, you will need to file numerous withdrawal requests if you want to cash out 10000 INR or more, or you must pay the legally required TDS of 31.2%.

How do I earn money in the BalleBaazi app?

The mobile app allows its users to benefit monetarily from its use in various ways. The following will describe the main features of the betting app, through which the player can place bets.

  • Earn money by playing fantasy sports. Building an account and selecting a game are all you need to do to begin playing fantasy sports. Additionally, there is plenty of competitiveness among leagues among the 6 million members to keep you entertained.
  • Earn money in the BalleBaazi store. You receive cash if your players win games. However, you get BB coins when you lose. These coins may be used to purchase goods at the BalleBaazi reward store. Additionally, you can use this money to purchase just BB goods, bikes, technology, and other alluring prizes.
  • Earn money by doing tasks for the BulliBai app. Here, you can write content about sports-related topics and make a solid living. Everyone in India is familiar with cricket-related knowledge, so even if you do not land the job of your dreams on the Ballebaazi Apk, you can still make money by signing up for the Batting App.
  • Earn money by becoming a BalleBaazi partner. You can set a special agreement with the bookmaker in order to invite new clients on the platform by sending them your invite links. Such cooperation will be fruitful for both participants, as every new player under your invitation will bring you a cash reward.
  • Earn money on registration. When a customer first registers for fantasy games on BalleBaazi, they are greeted with a strong opening offer that grants a 100% match deposit bonus on any first account refilling between Rs.100 and Rs.5000. This offer is definitely worth taking advantage of.
  • Earn money on referrals. You receive INR 100 as a bonus in your Ballebaazi wallet when you suggest a friend to sign up for the platform. You get 10% of the initial investment in real money when your friend makes the first deposit. Likewise, you can spend this cash to take part in the platform’s paid leagues.

The app of this top bookmaker thus enables its users to make good money.

How do I download the BalleBazi app?

To perform the BalleBaazi apk download is simple. The main way to do this is to enter your mobile number and request the link to the app. On the website, however, there is a QR code that you may scan to make the same arrangements.

You can then start playing by opening the link and following the instructions for downloading and activating the program. Only players in India are permitted to access and get BalleBaazi download, which is compatible with both Android and iOS users.

How do I create an account in the BalleBaazi Batting app?

You must carefully read all the rules and regulations before you begin playing BalleBaazi. Following that, you can begin the further steps.

  1. Visit the BalleBaazi app’s official website to download BalleBaazi apk latest version.
  2. Install it on your mobile device.
  3. There are three options to register: via email, phone number or Facebook connect.
  4. Pass the verification process, by entering a code received in SMS (phone registration) or in a letter (email registration).

Now you are prepared to take on the world of fantasy sports.


Customer support in the BalleBaazi app:

There is only one way to reach the BalleBaazi customer service team. The replies usually prompt and professional, and the staff is decent enough. The sportsbook offers 24/7 accessibility due to the dearth of communication options with the team, however response times are more likely to occur during regular business hours.

You can contact the support by [email protected] or just sending a form to


As you might anticipate from a significant operator of real-money fantasy games, BalleBazzi is jam-packed with incredible features. It offers a variety of real money and practice games that will amuse you while also giving you the chance to show off your abilities and earn interesting prizes. It is unquestionably the best option for sports enthusiasts to perform BalleBaazi app downloads who want to make the most of their downtime by participating in profitable fantasy sports competitions.


How do I create my own batting team in the BalleBaazi app?

100 credit points will be available for you to choose your starting eleven teams. You can create it after choosing an upcoming match.

How do I create my own bowling team in the BalleBaazi app?

With no more than three players, you can choose a captain and his vice to earn points, plus extra for fielding. 

How do I send money to the BalleBaazi app?

There are many options available to players for making deposits, including credit or debit cards, net banking, online wallets, UPI, and more. They’re all secure, convenient, and safe to use. 

How do I retrieve money from the Batting app?

You can only make withdrawals to validated bank accounts or PayTM wallets, and in order to do so, you need to present extra proof of your identity. After giving that assurance, you can request withdrawals from your account.

How do I make money with the BalleBaazi app?

In addition to the main way of earning money in the app on games and multiple bonus offers, the user can become an affiliate of the bookmaker or invite other people to sign up.

How much money can I make with the BalleBaazi Batting App?

Your earnings are not limited to anything. By using the app’s many earning methods, you can make a constant profit from using the app.

Which country is BalleBaazi an application for?

The app has been developed by the company specifically for its Indian users in the country. This explains the very high popularity of the app among Indians.

How do I get the BalleBaazi app on my device?

You can access the website’s link directly to download BalleBaazi app for Android or iOS devices, or simply go to the Apple Store if you are an iPhone user.

How do I deposit money into the BalleBaazi app?

To make the deposit, all you have to do is click the “Add Money” option in your account and enter the desired amount. You can use a variety of different deposit options at BalleBaazi.

How do I use a bonus in the BalleBaazi Batting app?

To get your first invitation bonus on the mobile programme, all you need to do is make your first deposit. For other promotions, check their terms and conditions.

What is the minimum withdrawal amount for the BalleBaazi Batting App?

The minimum amount available for all the two withdrawal methods is Rs 100. However, the transaction processing time varies. 

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