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Android Auto 7.4 Apk is a popular app that lets you control your Android device from your car's dashboard.
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10 march, 2022
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Google recently launched its newest version of Android Auto 7.4 Apk with minor changes to the UI. But several new features make it easier to use Google Maps and Google Assistant in your car. You can download the latest Android Auto 7.4 Apk from Apksforfree now. So you don’t have to wait until your manufacturer pushes out an update to get the new version.
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What is the Android Auto 7.4 Apk?

Android Auto 7.4 Apk is a popular app that lets you control your Android device from your car’s dashboard. Android Auto lets you control your music, podcasts, navigation, and more with just a few taps on your car’s dashboard or steering wheel buttons—all without having to take your eyes off of the road or hands off of the wheel! Also, Android Auto is free to download and use on most newer Android devices. But it also requires an Android phone running Nougat (7.0) or higher and a compatible head unit installed in your vehicle. 

Features of the Android Auto 7.4 Apk:

1. Google Assistant Integrated

Google is always looking for ways to make our commutes more enjoyable and productive. The latest update to Android Auto brings a bit of Google magic that could change how you use your phone while driving, no matter where you are. It’s not an app; it’s your own virtual personal assistant—you don’t need to be in your car to use it, either! You can just talk to your Google Assistant for anything related to your car.

2. Plug & Play

While you can manually download, install and set up all of Google’s apps and services. There’s a shortcut to making sure you don’t miss any of them: setting up Auto. By connecting your phone to your car via USB or Bluetooth, Auto pulls in data from a variety of sources—including Calendar, Maps, Music, and Weather—to create an always-accessible dashboard for your most important info. Best of all, it takes no effort to get started.

3. Clean and Easy User Interface

One of Android Auto 7.4 Apk’s most attractive features is its clean and easy-to-navigate user interface. The screen is divided into several categories, including navigation, media, phone, and apps. In each category are a series of tiles that correspond to your device or application — for example, Google Maps or Spotify. 

It may take some time getting used to all of them, but once you do it’s very smooth sailing; having so many different apps at your fingertips on one screen keeps things organized and straightforward. This also saves space in your car by keeping a few frequently used applications out of view. When they’re not needed – but still easy to access when they are!

3. New Added Dark Mode 

An all-new Dark mode can be enabled in Settings > Display > Dark theme if you want an immersive media experience and better battery life from enabling system-wide dark mode to reduce power consumption. Google will support more Play Store publishers in enabling their apps for a full-screen presentation on large screen devices with Android Q, but it’s unclear how they’ll fit in – or even look like – when not using a dark mode theme (i.e., on AMOLED displays). Apps that are not optimized for dark mode simply present their content under one of three header bars: top, center, or bottom – each representing different placement on either full-screen smartphones or televisions with over scanning set to avoid cutting off content from the edges of screens at all costs.

4. Free to Use As Always

Android Auto 7.4 Apk is a great way to get Google Maps and other useful services on your car’s infotainment system. But sometimes you need more than what it has to offer. If you have an Android phone and aren’t interested in paying for extra features or even buying a new head unit. There’s good news: You can download unofficial third-party apps to extend your experience with Android Auto. A number of developers have created their own versions of popular apps, like Google Maps and Spotify, specifically for auto use—and all you need is an APK file.

5. Customer Support is Just Awesome

The company has always been ahead of time in terms of customer service and that is why they have very good customer support as well.

They offer 24 hours service but you can call them at night, on weekends or holidays if required. Moreover, they are available to help you even if there is an emergency situation at hand which you cannot handle on your own.

Is it safe to use the Android Auto 7.4 APK? 

If you are a newbie or don’t know whether to download apps from sources other than Google Play Store. Let me help with that and say Yes. You can absolutely use it safely and securely on your Android device as long as you trust its source. Which in our case is the official site of XDA-Developers. 

There have been some cases where malicious apps found their way to unofficial sites. They were taken down pretty quickly by Google and are not part of any package on XDA forums. So yes, it is safe to use as long as you trust its source. Which again is the Apksforfree App store, which is completely trusted. 

Who developed the Android Auto 7.4 Apk? 

It is developed by Google LLC. Which is an application development company founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin. The main purpose of developing android auto was to make a connection between a smartphone with in-car entertainment console. This application allows the driver to use phone features while driving without having to take his eyes off-road and handoff on the steering wheel touch screen interface.

The Bottom Line of Android Auto 7.4 APK:

When Google announced that it would replace Google Play Services with a new one called Android Auto 7.1, most people assumed that it was just an update to its car-based music player app. Now there’s another alternative in town, and it might be better for users who rely on their smartphones for navigation when driving through strange parts of town—or any part of town where traffic is bad or construction makes traffic impossible to predict. 

Although there are other options out there, look at your phone for directions; instead, you get turn-by-turn notifications in your car’s built-in display system by way of a software program downloaded onto your device and then installed onto your car.
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What's new

• Improved Do Not Disturb functionality.
• Dark mode on car UI is now independent of the phone.
•Bug fixes and other improvements.
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